Top 3 best places for coffee in Mexico City

coffee in Mexico City

The coffee industry in Mexico has undergone significant transformation in recent years. Nowadays, one can conveniently locate coffee shops that offer top-notch coffee in virtually every district of Mexico City. It is commonly overlooked that Mexico is renowned not only for its tequila and mezcal, but also for its coffee. Indigenous to the southern regions of Chiapas, Oaxaca, Guerrero, and the coastal area of Veracruz, the local blend coffee is a quintessential Mexican delicacy that one must savour before leaving the country. It is advisable to steer clear of the ubiquitous chain cafés and instead, refer to our guide on the exceptional coffee shops in Mexico City. These shops will leave you pondering why you ever patronised Starbucks. This comprehensive list features my personal favourite cafes in Mexico City, after having resided in the city for the past five years and having sampled numerous coffees during my stay. 

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Top 3 best places for coffee in Mexico City

Café Passmar 

Café Passmar is located in the heart of a conventional Mexican marketplace, yet provides lots of options beyond the customary café de olla. Café Passmar has diverged from the commonly recognised and widely favoured Mexican coffee beans of the eastern region. Instead, they have opted for beans grown in Guerrero. This decision has proven to be advantageous for them, as their coffee has achieved numerous accolades in various competitions. Following an arduous day of procuring chiles and mole, unwind with a latte of exceptional quality, adorned with intricate latte art. 

Café Avellaneda 

Café Avellaneda is often cited as one of the top coffee shops in Mexico City, particularly in the Coyoacán district. The shop bears the appellation of Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, a Cuban poet and playwriter who was a trailblazer in the realm of women’s rights. The shop pays tribute to her by crafting a cosy and hospitable atmosphere where patrons can savour a delectable serving of coffee. The coffee shop utilises premium-grade coffee beans procured from nearby Mexican farms and provides a diverse range of brewing techniques, such as the conventional “café de olla” method. In addition, they proffer a diverse range of pastries and sandwiches that impeccably complement their coffee. 

 This diminutive café provides a diverse selection of coffee brewing methods, including French press and cold brew. Café Avellaneda is the ideal destination for those in search of freshly roasted and brewed local Mexican beans, customised to their preferences. Furthermore, the utilised commodities are procured via social responsibility initiatives that aid in providing economic sustenance to their cultivators. For optimal enjoyment, it is recommended to limit visits to midweek days as they tend to be less crowded due to the increasing demand.

Centro Café 

Centro Café is a charming and aesthetically pleasing venue that offers a delightful café de autor. The establishment features an outdoor seating area that provides an ideal setting to relish your coffee during the balmy afternoons of Mexico City. The distinguishing factor of this establishment is the coffee education imparted by the proficient and erudite baristas. They are capable of elucidating the various press techniques employed here, such as the Japanese syphon and Aeropress. 

What time does coffee shops open in Mexico City? 

The operating hours of coffee shops in Mexico City are subject to variation based on the individual coffee shop and its geographical location. However, as a general rule, a significant number of coffee shops commence their business operations early in the morning and close in the evening. Certain coffee shops situated in Mexico City have the potential to commence operations as early as 7:00 or 8:00 am and subsequently close at approximately 8:00 or 9:00 pm. Some coffee shops may have restricted operating hours, commencing their services later in the morning and concluding them earlier in the evening. 

It is a common occurrence to come across coffee shops in popular areas such as the historic centre, Roma, and Condesa that operate beyond regular business hours to meet the high demand for coffee and breakfast options in these fashionable neighbourhoods. 

It is advisable to check the website or social media platforms of a particular coffee shop in Mexico City to obtain details regarding its operational hours, should one intend to visit. Furthermore, a plethora of coffee shops in Mexico City provide takeaway or delivery alternatives, thereby enabling you to relish your coffee at any hour of the day within the confines of your abode. 

Price of Coffee in Mexico City 

The cost of coffee in Mexico City is subject to change based on factors such as the variety of coffee, the calibre of the beans, and the geographical location of the coffee shop. Typically, a standard cup of coffee procured from a franchise coffee shop such as Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf may amount to approximately 35 to 50 Mexican pesos. However, a different coffee blend from a third-wave coffee shop may be priced anywhere between 50 to 80 Mexican pesos. 

For a conventional Mexican coffee meeting, one can opt for a cup of café de olla, which is a sugary and seasoned coffee usually presented in earthenware vessels. This beverage can be procured at a nearby marketplace or a modest café for an estimated price of 20 to 30 Mexican pesos.  

Also, the cost of coffee in Mexico City is subject to change contingent on the locality. Localities such as Roma, Condesa, and Polanco, which are in vogue, generally exhibit elevated coffee prices, whereas comparatively more traditional vicinities may offer relatively lower prices. 

It is advisable to bear in mind that the prices of food and beverages in Mexico City are subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate. Therefore, it is important to verify the current exchange rate before embarking on your trip. Furthermore 

Final Thought 

The city of Mexico boasts a lively coffee culture that is firmly entrenched in its historical and traditional roots. Regardless of whether you possess a refined palate for coffee or simply enjoy it on a more casual basis, there exists a multitude of coffee shops within Mexico City that are capable of satisfying your unique preferences and predilections. Mexico City offers a diverse range of coffee options, from the classic traditional Mexican coffee to contemporary brewing methods. When next you find yourself in Mexico City, do make a point of visiting any of these coffee shops and treat yourself to a cup of coffee that will undoubtedly leave you yearning for more. 

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