Top 3 best parks in Mexico City

parks in Mexico City

The act of visiting parks yields a multitude of health advantages, encompassing both physical and psychological aspects. Parks afford individuals the chance to partake in physical activities like jogging, cycling, and walking, thereby enabling them to exercise and stay fit. Furthermore, parks offer a tranquil and calm atmosphere that fosters relaxation and mitigates stress. In this blog we would be showing you three of the best parks in Mexico City. 

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Top 3 best parks in Mexico City

Parque Mexico (San Martin Park) 

The aesthetically pleasing park is situated at Avenida Mexico, Colonia Condesa, in the bustling metropolis of Mexico City. The aforementioned park, was constructed in the year 1927 utilising the Art Deco architectural style in order to complement the surrounding area’s design. The structure was erected atop the Mexican Jockey Club’s equine racing facility, serving as a gathering place and leisure destination within the recently developed urbanised region of the Condesa district. Parque Mexico, alternatively referred to as San Martin Park, is a delightful verdant expanse situated in the central region of Mexico City. The park is a renowned destination for both residents and visitors, providing a serene escape from the commotion and activity of urban living. 

The area is adorned with various water features such as fountains, water mirrors, and waterfalls. Additionally, the utility poles are cleverly camouflaged as tree trunks. The park encompasses approximately 13 acres of land and sustains a diverse range of plant and animal life, such as towering trees, prickly cacti, and avian species. The park boasts a stunning lake that serves as a habitat for various aquatic birds, such as ducks, geese, and other waterfowl. 

A diverse array of activities is available for visitors to Parque Mexico. The park boasts of multiple pedestrian pathways, catering to fitness enthusiasts seeking to engage in physical activity. In addition, there exist multiple recreational spaces and designated areas for outdoor dining, rendering it an ideal location for families to enjoy a leisurely afternoon. 

The park is adorned with various sculptures and monuments, among which is a statue of the Aztec monarch, Cuauhtémoc. The inclusion of these artistic creations enhances the cultural importance of the park and renders it a captivating location to explore. 

Alameda Central 

Alameda Central is a park of historical significance situated in the core of Mexico City. It is among the earliest public parks in the Americas. This aesthetically pleasing park is an essential location for individuals who are exploring the city, providing a serene sanctuary from the busy thoroughfares. 

The Alameda Central was incorporated into Mexico’s urban topography in the year 1592, modelled after Seville’s Alameda de Hércules, which was the first public garden in Europe and was constructed in 1574. In 2012, the Alameda underwent a remodelling project that involved the restoration of the Hemiciclo Juárez and the fountains, the planting of new trees, and other works. As a result, the Alameda was reopened with improved conditions for recreation and enhanced safety for public use. 

The park encompasses approximately 26 acres of land and is the abode of diverse flora, including trees and flowers, as well as sculptures. The Paseo de la Reforma is a prominent characteristic of the park, comprising a majestic boulevard that traverses the park and is adorned with exquisite trees and fountains. 

A plethora of activities can be relished by visitors at Alameda Central. The park boasts numerous walking and jogging trails, rendering it a prime location for fitness aficionados. In addition, there exist multiple recreational spaces and designated spots for outdoor dining, rendering it an ideal destination for families seeking to pass a leisurely afternoon. 

The park harbours various historical landmarks and cultural institutions as well. Situated on the eastern periphery of the park, lies the Palace of Fine Arts, a highly significant cultural hub in Mexico City. Additional significant landmarks in the area encompass the Hemiciclo a Juárez, an impressive edifice erected in honour of the esteemed Mexican leader, Benito Juárez, and the Kiosk of the Alameda, a splendid cast-iron construction originating from the 1800s. 

The ambiance of Alameda Central is renowned for its vivaciousness. The park is a renowned venue for al fresco musical performances, cultural gatherings, and festive celebrations, rendering it an exceptional destination to immerse oneself in the rich tapestry of Mexican heritage. 

Parque La Bombilla 

This park in Mexico City boasts significant historical significance as it was constructed on the very location of La Bombilla Restaurant, where the assassination of former President Alvaro Obregón took place in 1928. The park is situated at Avenida de la Paz, Chimalistac, in the city of Mexico. 

Within the park’s premises lies a grandiose monument dedicated to Obregón, constructed at the exact location of his assassination, complemented by an expansive body of water in front of it. The park was designed by architect Enrique Aragón Echegaray and was officially opened by President Lázaro Cárdenas in 1935. 

At the anterior section of the monument, there exist a duo of sculptures hewn from quarry stone and granite, crafted by the skilled sculptor Ignacio Asúnsolo. Asúnsolo’s works adorn the remaining three facades, namely The Allegory of Sacrifice, The Allegory of Triumph, and The Allegory of the Northern Region. 

The park boasts a primary fountain at its centre, accompanied by multiple secondary fountains, verdant groves and green spaces, pathways for pedestrians, and seating in the form of benches. 

Criteria for Selecting the Top 3 Parks 

When selecting the top parks in Mexico City, it is crucial to consider multiple criteria. When evaluating a particular site, it is essential to take into account several key factors, including its geographical location and ease of access, its physical dimensions and available amenities and its historical importance. 

  • Location and Accessibility 

When considering the best parks in Mexico City, it is important to consider the park’s geographical location and ease of access. The accessibility and location convenience of a park are crucial determinants that visitors take into account when choosing a park to visit. It is essential that the parks be located in close proximity to public transport or major roads, thus enabling convenient access for patrons. Furthermore, it is essential that the park’s geographical location is favourable to ensure the safety and protection of its guests, thereby assuring an unhindered and pleasurable experience for everyone. 

  • Size and Features 

Another important aspect in ascertaining the top parks in Mexico City relates to the size and characteristics of the park. Parks that offer a generous expanse of land and a wide range of recreational options are more likely to attract visitors. The appeal of a park to its visitors can be heightened by the inclusion of amenities such as pathways for pedestrians, specifically designated zones for al fresco dining, recreational equipment tailored towards children, and athletic infrastructure. In addition, parks that offer stunning views or showcase natural beauty are likely to be preferred by visitors. 

  • Historical Significance 

The assessment of historical significance constitutes a pivotal element in the curation procedure of the most exceptional parks in Mexico City. Parks that possess historical and cultural significance have the potential to offer an unparalleled experience to their visitors. Integrating historical structures or landmarks into a park can increase its appeal and boost its attractiveness to visitors. Parks of historical significance offer valuable insights into the culture and heritage of a city, thereby providing visitors with a meaningful experience. 

Tips for visitors 

If you’re planning to visit parks in Mexico City, here are some tips to help you make the most of your experience: 

  • Plan your visit ahead of time: Research the park’s location, opening hours, and facilities before you go. This will help you avoid any surprises and ensure that you have a pleasant visit. 
  • Bring snacks and water: While some parks in Mexico City have food stalls or cafes, it’s always a good idea to bring your snacks and water. This will help you save money and stay hydrated during your visit. 
  • Respect the park’s rules: Follow the park’s rules and regulations, including keeping the park clean and respecting other visitors’ privacy. Avoid littering or damaging any of the park’s facilities. 
  • Bring a camera: Mexico City’s parks are known for their beautiful scenery, so don’t forget to bring a camera or your smartphone to capture some stunning shots. 
  • Consider visiting during weekdays: Parks in Mexico City can get crowded during weekends, so if possible, consider visiting during weekdays to avoid the crowds and enjoy a more peaceful experience. 
  • Hire a guide: If you want to learn more about the park’s history and cultural significance, consider hiring a guide to take you on a tour. This can provide you with valuable insights into the parks past and enhance your overall experience. 


To conclude, the act of visiting parks in Mexico City can prove to be an exceptional encounter, contingent upon your pre-planning, adherence to the park’s regulations, and demonstration of consideration towards fellow visitors. By bearing these recommendations in mind, you can optimise your visit and generate indelible recollections. 

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