Top 3 Best Nurseries in Mexico City

Nurseries in Mexico City

Picking the best nursery for your kid is a really important choice that can affect their early growth and learning. Nurseries are a good place for kids to learn, grow, and make friends with other kids. Choosing a good nursery is important for a child’s education and health. Mexico City has many nurseries that serve different needs and preferences because it is a big and lively city. We’re gonna check out the three best nurseries in Mexico City and see what makes each one special.

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Top 3 best nurseries in Mexico City 

Montessori School Mexico City 

The Montessori School in Mexico City is known for its strong dedication to the Montessori education method. This school believes in helping students become independent, learn on their own, and grow in all aspects of their lives. Montessori School Mexico City has a really pretty campus and cool facilities. It’s a great place for kids to learn and grow. 

The nursery programme at Montessori School Mexico City follows the important ideas of Maria Montessori. The programme has a carefully planned curriculum that focuses on learning by doing, using your senses, and getting individual attention. The curriculum is made to interest and excite kids, so they can learn and think critically. The Montessori teachers are really good. They have great qualifications and training. They make a nice environment for kids to grow in. The kids become more confident, smarter, and really like learning. 

The Montessori School provides an education that goes beyond regular academic studies. The school knows that it’s important to have a lot of different activities for kids to do, like sports and clubs, so they can be creative, get exercise, and learn how to work with others. Different types of education, like art, music, sports, and language classes, are important for the overall growth and development of young students. 

Baby Bee  

The Baby Bee nursery is in Mexico City and is known for being very committed to teaching little kids. Baby Bee makes a safe and interesting place for kids to grow and learn. It feels cosy and welcoming. The nursery’s main ideas are about encouraging curiosity, creativity, and mental well-being. 

The Baby Bee curriculum is carefully designed to balance play-based learning and academic goals. This unique way of teaching ensures that kids develop important skills while having fun exploring and discovering. The teachers at Baby Bee really care about their students and want to help them succeed by giving them individual attention and encouraging their unique talents and interests. With this personalised approach, kids are encouraged to reach their full potential and develop a long-lasting love for learning. 

Baby Bee offers more than just classes. They also have activities outside of school that help students grow in different ways. At Baby Bee, kids can do lots of cool stuff like music and art to show off their talents and interests. Including gym class activities helps you live a healthy and active lifestyle, teaching you about being fit and energetic from a young age. 

At Baby Bee, parents need to be involved in their children’s education, which helps the home and the school work together. The nice and supportive atmosphere helps families and teachers work together to help kids grow and improve. 

Green Gate  

Green Gate is a really good school in Mexico City that focuses on making a nice and helpful environment for kids to grow up in. At Green Gate, they really focus on making sure young kids learn everything they need to know. They care a lot about how kids think, act around others, feel, and move their bodies. This promise is firm and resolute. 

The nursery thinks it’s important to have really good classrooms that are big and can change to help kids learn and grow. Good play areas make kids want to explore and learn, and educational stuff that’s right for their age helps them learn better. The way they teach at Green Gate is by letting kids play and do things with their hands. They want to make sure that learning is fun and interesting for kids, so they put everything together in a way that makes sense. This helps kids want to learn more and be curious about the world around them. 

The main part of Green Gate is made up of a bunch of really good teachers who are super dedicated to teaching young kids. They create a caring atmosphere that helps kids feel confident to explore, ask questions, and express their ideas. Green Gate is proud of its small classes. This helps teachers give more attention to each student and have better conversations with them. This method creates a good foundation for learning throughout your life. 

Green Gate understands that it’s important to work closely with parents. The teachers keep parents informed about how their child is doing in school by having meetings and giving progress reports. When parents and teachers work together, it helps kids grow better. 

Green Gate believes strongly in creating a good and welcoming place for learning. The nursery thinks it’s important to have values like respect, empathy, and cooperation. This makes a good environment where each child feels important and noticed. Kids can do lots of different things that help them make friends, be creative, and think critically. 


Things to Consider when Choosing a Nursery School in Mexico City 

Selecting an appropriate nursery school for a child is of utmost importance and can significantly influence their initial growth and learning. Mexico City offers a diverse range of schools, each possessing unique characteristics that distinguish them from one another. When selecting a nursery school, it is imperative to take into account various factors to arrive at a sound decision.   

Location and Accessibility 

Choosing the right location for a nursery school is very important and requires careful thinking. You gotta find a school that’s easy to get to from your house or job. That way, you won’t have to travel far and it’ll be more convenient. Think about things like how far away it is, how bad the traffic usually is, and what ways you can get there. 

Curriculum and Educational Approach 

The way a nursery school teaches and what they teach can have a big impact on how your child learns when they’re young. You should check out different types of nursery schools in Mexico City, like Montessori, Reggio Emilia, or traditional programmes, to see how they teach. 

Teacher Qualifications 

The teachers at the nursery school are really important for your child’s education. They need to have good qualifications and experience. Find out important details about the teachers’ fancy qualifications, certifications, and chances to keep learning and growing professionally. Teachers who are passionate about early childhood education create a stimulating environment that helps your child grow and develop in every way. 

Safety Measures 

When choosing a good nursery school, it’s important to make sure your child is safe and well taken care of. You gotta ask about how safe the school is. Like, what they do to keep us safe, what they do in case of an emergency, and how they watch over the kids. A nice and kid-friendly environment, made safe on purpose, will give you peace of mind. 

Class Size and Student-to-Teacher Ratio 

The number of students in the class and how many teachers there are can affect how much attention your child gets. When there are fewer students in a class and each teacher has fewer students to teach, it helps them to have more one-on-one time with each student. This can lead to better results in learning. Try to find out how many students are in each class and how many teachers or assistants are there in each classroom. This will help you make a good decision. 

Extracurricular Activities 

Outside of schoolwork, doing extracurricular activities can have a big impact on your overall growth and development. They can help you become a better person. Look for preschools that offer a lot of fun activities like music, art, sports, and language classes. Doing many different activities can help your child explore their interests and be creative. It also gives them a chance to improve their social skills. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What things should I think about when checking out places to put my baby? 

If a school building is good and taken care of, it can help make learning better. Also, it’s important to check the play areas to make sure they’re safe, fun, and appropriate for your kid’s age. It’s important to have stuff that’s right for your kid’s age, like toys, books, and learning stuffs, so they can learn better. Rooms that are designed for specific purposes, like art or sensory rooms, can offer more chances to explore and grow. 

How can I tell if the nursery’s curriculum is good? 

If you want to check if a nursery’s curriculum is good, you should look at how they teach and what methods they use. It’s important to know how your curriculum matches your educational goals and values. Asking what topics are taught and what students are supposed to learn can help you understand how much and how wide the curriculum is. You can check if the nursery’s lessons are good by looking at their lesson plans or watching what they do in class.  

What should I search for in nursery teachers’ qualifications? 

When you’re assessing nursery teachers, it’s important to think about their qualifications and experience. Search for educators who have degrees or certifications that are related to teaching young children. Having worked with young children is important because it shows that you know about their growth requirements. If the teacher is really into teaching and makes the class a fun and safe place to learn, it can help your child do better in school. 

Should I think about any particular safety precautions? 

Making sure your kid is safe is really important. Ask the nursery about how they keep kids safe. This includes things like security rules, plans for emergencies, and if the staff knows how to do first aid. It’s important to make sure your child is safe by having rules for watching them and making sure everything is safe for them.  


The three nurseries in Mexico City are well-known for their commitment to providing a supportive and stimulating academic environment for babies and young children. When you pick a nursery, it’s important to think about what your kid needs, go see the place, and talk to the people who work there. Then you can make a good decision that matches your family’s beliefs and plans.

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