Top 3 best veterinarians in Mexico City

Closeup view of the veterinarian taking care of the pet. Top 3 best veterinarians in Mexico City

While no one wants their pet to get sick. These veterinarians in Mexico City provide a range of services to ensure the well-being of pets. In this article we will be talking about Top 3 best veterinarians in Mexico City.

These medical centers have specialized in a wide variety of veterinary branches to protect the health of pets. From ultrasound for dogs and ferrets to preventive and veterinary medicine for cats. Owners of animals that have been rescued from the street will be able to take them to these clinics for special attention and care.

Best veterinarians in Mexico City

1.- Iztapalapa Public Veterinary Hospital

Iztapalapa Public Veterinary Hospital

The Iztapalapa Public Veterinary Hospital is being built by the Government of Mexico City, it has an appropriate infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology and affordable costs to combat diseases and improve the quality of life of companion dogs and cats.

The center has nine offices for general medicine, internal medicine, emergencies and ethology with the capacity to treat 100 to 150 patients daily, including dogs and cats. The offices are equipped with up-to-date lamps, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes and computers. Unlike other clinics, these have a direct door to the street to prevent contagion to other animals.

The treatment area has six work tables with lamps and oxygen tanks. Various outpatient procedures are performed here, such as dental cleanings, bandages, sedation, and surgical washes.

In the clinical pathology laboratory, he performs various tests, such as parasitology, blood counts and blood chemistry. In addition, it provides rehabilitation and physical therapy services. They also offer treatments for pets with mange and other dermatological conditions.

Consultations (follow-up and specialization), rabies vaccination, and sterilization are the main free services they offer. Nonetheless, the costs of hospitalization, ultrasound, endoscopy, X-rays, and other services are extremely reasonable, ranging from $50 to $1,000. The prices of medicines in the pharmacy are significantly lower than in private establishments.

2.- Naucalpan Public Veterinary Hospital

Naucalpan Public Veterinary Hospital

Ensuring your pet’s well-being should be a top concern. If you can’t afford a service to take care of her, the best option is the Public Veterinary Hospital of Naucalpan.

It is the first facility of its kind in the nation. It is located in the old facilities of the Tlatilco Museum and can take care of up to five thousand pets each month. There are several consulting rooms, an ultrasound and X-ray room, vaccine delivery area, clinical laboratory, and surgical procedures, such as pet sterilization.

To receive a consultation, a card must be requested, which is given to patients as they arrive at the hospital. However, they will provide you with emergency medical assistance if your pet is very sick or has been seriously injured.

Due to the high demand for veterinary services in this hospital. Appointments in the area of surgical interventions are to be expected. For example, sterilizations are given for several weeks after they have been requested.

3.- Exotic Pet Medical

Exotic Pet Medical

It is the only veterinary center in the country that specializes in the care of exotic animals. It was founded in 1998 by MVZ Miguel Ángel de la Torre Suire. He is currently a member of the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians. And a lifetime member of the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians of the United States. They care for non-venomous animals such as reptiles, turtles, raccoons, guinea pigs, iguanas, hedgehogs, rabbits, ferrets, and birds.

The air-conditioned offices, the operating rooms with small instruments, the intensive care areas, the clinical laboratory. The pension, food shop and accessories are available on their premises for all pets. It is the only hospital with two waiting rooms: one for prey and one for carnivorous animals. You don’t have to worry about your pet’s safety because they never mix species here. Each of them is located in separate rooms with everything you need to be comfortable.

Veterinarian Miguel Ángel de la Torre Suire, who graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics of the UNAM. He established 25 years ago The Excellence in Pets Ferret Kennel. A love for these animals led him to research and establish Exotic Pet Medical, which offers its services to protect other exotic species.

Basic Care to Keep Your Pet Healthy

Happy female veterinarian smiling and stroking a beautiful beagle dog on the examination table. Professional veterinarian holding pet while examining healthy pet in clinic.

The best attention and care your pet deserves. Pets, whether it’s a cat, a dog, or any other pet. They have essential needs that need to be met in order for them to enjoy their lives.

Do you think you give everything your pet needs? Of course! However, it’s important to keep some of your obligations as an owner in mind. And the precautions you should take to ensure the well-being of your pet who is part of the family.

To safeguard your pet, you should follow these fundamental steps. Share them with your friends and family. To help continue to build a culture of commitment and love for pets that bring so much joy to our lives.

Feed your pet responsibly

It’s not just about feeding your pet whenever he wants. It’s about feeding it responsibly and consciously. Have you witnessed obesity in dogs and cats? An unbalanced diet with elements that are not recommended to be included in your diet. It could make them sick and lead to serious health problems. Look for a food that suits their needs and characteristics. Have a high level of nutrition, and serve them the portions that are specified on the package or as directed by the veterinarian.

Provide clean, healthy spaces

Pets, just like humans, need a comfortable, clean space where they can rest, play, eat, sleep, and spend their time. The area where the pet goes to drink and eat should be sanitized. In other words, free of trash and other impurities, as well as the area where you sleep. You should be provided with a cushion, pillow, or bed to keep you comfortable. You can place your toys nearby.

Caters to their physiological needs

Close up of veterinarian taking care of cat. Top 3 best veterinarians in Mexico City

After you get your pet used to relieving himself in an open place. At least in the case of dogs, it’s very difficult for him to break that rule. Unless your body can’t take it anymore. Some dogs tend to get used to being taken out at a certain time of day. So waiting can cause physical discomfort or even illness. To allow your pet to urinate and defecate, take them out frequently.

When it comes to cats, the box where they relieve themselves should be kept very clean. To prevent bad odors from spreading in your home.

Clean it to take care of its health

Pets need to be bathed, their teeth fixed, and their ears cleaned. Check them daily to make sure they don’t have fleas, ticks, or other animals that can hide in their fur or between their legs. When walking on grass or asphalt, dogs and cats are exposed to a host of organisms that can affect them. So you shouldn’t neglect them.

A dog can be washed every fortnight or so. But in the case of cats, you can bathe once a month. Find a special soap for your pet and watch it for any side effects. If so, stop using it and consult a veterinarian.

Take your pet out for physical activity

Close up of veterinarian taking care of cat. Top 3 best veterinarians in Mexico City

Your pets need to have fun and be active. There must be nothing good about always being locked up! Each day, find a space in your time to jog or run with him. Play with your favorite toy or take it to the park to interact with other pets of your species. Not only will this encourage you, but it will also help you avoid being overweight. Both humans and pets need exercise.

Take her to the vet at least once a year

If your pet becomes ill, it’s critical to take them to the vet for necessary medication and treatment. Even if nothing happens to her, it is important to take her to the vet for check-ups and tests to ensure her good health. It’s important to give your pet a worm-killing medication every six months and vaccinate them every year to protect them from disease.

Be a considerate roommate

No one likes a roommate to be making a lot of noise all the time, let alone pets. Keep in mind that pets are much more able to hear than humans. So, make sure you don’t make a lot of noise when you’re spending a lot of time with your pet.

This will also give you some time to rest. If background noise is very necessary. Consider playing classical music (some studies have shown it can calm pets).

Create a “safe space”

Your pet will likely need some alone time to feel comfortable and safe when more people are present than usual. A safe space is particularly crucial for felines, but it can also be beneficial for canines.

If you notice that your pet is distressed by a sudden crowd. Make sure she has a safe space that everyone in the family recognizes and respects. If the pet is present, that area will be off-limits to us, and it is even beneficial to perceive it as invisible in that place.

This also teaches children not to disturb pets when they are in their designated area until they are ready to play.

Pet Insurance

It’s the last point we’re going to share with you, but it’s a really important one. In some cases, the costs of visits to veterinarians can be very high. To the point that they are impossible to afford. Therefore, we recommend that you take out good veterinary insurance for your pets. 

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