Top 3 places to visit in Mexico City

places to visit in Mexico

Mexico City presents a magnificent and exhilarating destination, offering an array of sights and activities. With a population exceeding 21 million, Mexico City is the largest metropolis in Mexico and among the world’s largest. This article will delve into the top three destinations to visit in Mexico City, which provide a gamut of enjoyable and exciting pursuits. Get ready to explore Mexico City, so pack your bags and let’s embark on the journey! 

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Top 3 places to visit in Mexico City 

The National Museum of Anthropology 

The National Institution of Anthropology, located in Mexico, is a renowned establishment that holds a significant position in the minds of individuals who possess a keen interest in the domains of history and culture. The museum contains an extensive assemblage of artefacts from the Aztec and Mayan civilizations that date back to the pre-Columbian period. The exhibitions encompass a diverse array of artefacts such as sculptures, pottery, jewellery, and other historical remnants that offer crucial insights into the customs and traditions of past civilizations. 

In my opinion, the exhibition of the Aztec Hall stands out as the most splendid display at the museum. The Aztec Calendar Stone, renowned globally, is available for viewing at this location. The object in question has a mass exceeding 24 metric tonnes and a circumference of approximately 12 feet. During the 18th century, a stone was unearthed by individuals who believed it to be an Aztec sacrificial altar. The aesthetic appeal of the museum’s courtyard is exceptionally high. The location features a sizable body of water and a cascading waterfall, providing an aesthetically pleasing retreat for visitors seeking respite and an opportunity to appreciate the picturesque surroundings. 

Chapultepec Castle 

One of the few castles in North America, Chapultepec Castle may be found in Mexico City. The castle was constructed in the 18th century and served as a military academy before becoming the presidential residence of Mexico. The castle has been turned into a museum, and exciting excursions of its halls are available. 

In one of the world’s largest urban parks—Chapultepec Park—you’ll find a castle perched atop a hill. The views of the city skyline from the castle are stunning. You may also visit the Chapultepec Zoo, the Museum of Modern Art, and the National History Museum while you’re here. 


Xochimilco is a lovely and unique neighbourhood in Mexico City. It is well-known for its river system and floating gardens. This location is well-known among both visitors and residents. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a leisurely boat trip while observing the stunning environment. You may also enjoy live music and a delicious meal at one of the floating restaurants. 

Xochimilco is well-known for its traditional markets, where you can purchase handcrafted items, fresh fruits and vegetables, and delectable meals. The area is rich in cultural treasures. Its architecture, music, and art reflect Aztec and Spanish influences. 

The History and Culture of Mexico 

Mexico boasts an intriguing and diverse history spanning centuries, from the Aztec and Maya civilizations to the Spanish conquest and the modern period. To immerse oneself in the country’s history and culture in an entertaining and educational way, a visit to the National Museum of Anthropology and Chapultepec Castle is in order. 

Exploring the Outdoors in Mexico City 

Mexico City boasts numerous verdant spaces and parks, providing visitors with an opportunity to relish the fresh air and stunning landscapes. Chapultepec Park is a renowned destination, featuring museums, a zoo, and botanical gardens. Xochimilco is another excellent outdoor option, featuring canals and floating gardens. 

The Cuisine of Mexico City 

Mexican cuisine is renowned for its distinctive and bold flavors and vibrant presentation. From street-side tacos to gourmet cuisine, Mexico City has it all for culinary enthusiasts. Some of the must-try dishes include tacos al pastor, mole, and chilaquiles. Traditional markets like Mercado de la Merced or Mercado de San Juan are worth a visit for fresh produce, meats, and spices. 

Festivals and Celebrations in Mexico City 

Mexico City is renowned for its vibrant and colorful festivals and celebrations, highlighting the country’s culture and traditions. Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, is among the most popular festivals, celebrated in late October or early November. During the festival, people honor their ancestors and loved ones who have passed away by constructing altars, providing offerings, and decorating graves. Another popular festival is the Carnival of Mexico City, held in February or March, featuring parades, music, dancing, and traditional food and drinks. 

Fun and Games in Mexico City 

For those seeking amusement and games in Mexico City, numerous options are available. Visitors can head to amusement parks like Six Flags Mexico or La Feria de Chapultepec, featuring roller coasters, games, and live shows. Soccer enthusiasts can watch a game at the Estadio Azteca, one of the world’s largest and most renowned stadiums 

Things to bear in mind when visiting places in Mexico City  

Mexico City is a city that boasts of rich culture and tradition, and as such, visiting it requires one to be vigilant and mindful of certain aspects to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some salient tips: 

Safety Measures 

As with any metropolitan area, Mexico City has its share of security concerns and criminal activities. Being alert and aware of one’s environment, especially at night and in unfamiliar locations, is crucial. Carrying significant amounts of cash is not advised, and it is important to keep valuable items close at hand. Staying within well-lit and populated areas and using credible taxi or ride-sharing services is also recommended. 

Cultural Awareness 

Mexico City is a melting pot of diverse cultures and traditions, some of which may differ from one’s own. Respecting the local customs and cultures is paramount. Dressing modestly while visiting religious sites such as temples and churches is mandatory. Moreover, one should be cautious of their conduct in public since some behaviors considered acceptable in one’s home country may be inappropriate or disrespectful in Mexico. 


While Spanish is the principal language spoken in Mexico City, English is also commonly spoken, particularly in tourist areas. Learning fundamental Spanish phrases before the visit can aid in communication and demonstrate an interest in the local culture. 


At an altitude of 7,300 feet (2,240 meters) above sea level, Mexico City can cause altitude sickness in some individuals. Drinking plenty of water, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, and taking it easy during the initial days of the visit can help prevent altitude sickness. It is also wise to consult with a physician before the trip if there are any concerns. 


Buses, taxis, and ride-sharing services are the most common transportation options in Mexico City. Using reliable and trustworthy services and negotiating prices before entering a taxi or ride-sharing service is critical. Being mindful of traffic conditions, which can be unpredictable in certain areas, is also advised. 

Adhering to these tips can ensure a safe and pleasant trip to Mexico City, allowing one to make the most of the experience. 


Mexico City is a multifaceted and vibrant urban centre that offers a diverse range of attractions and experiences to suit a wide variety of interests. There exist numerous avenues for exploration, catering to a diverse range of interests such as historical and cultural pursuits, outdoor recreational activities, gastronomic indulgences, festive revelries, and recreational pastimes. Some of the noteworthy tourist destinations in this exquisite city include the National Museum of Anthropology, Chapultepec Castle, and Xochimilco. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey in Mexico City by gathering your belongings and equipping yourself with a camera.

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