Top 3 pediatricians in Mexico City

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Every parent cares about their child’s well-being. Hence, it is essential to be aware of the best pediatricians in Mexico City for any circumstance. As experts in pediatric care, they are dedicated to the well-being of children and adolescents. Its role is to provide preventive health care, identify and treat diseases or injuries. In addition to guiding parents on how to care for their children, we also provide them with information on how to manage their children’s health.

Among Mexico City’s many pediatricians, there are a few who excel in their field. These pediatricians are distinguished by their extensive knowledge, specialized education, individualized care, and dedication to the well-being of children. Selecting a pediatrician can be a challenging task. We prefer to hire the most skilled, experienced person who provides excellent service. That’s why, in this article, we present the 3 best pediatricians in Mexico City.

Top pediatricians in Mexico City

The healthcare in our hospital is very good.
Top 3 pediatricians in Mexico City

Parents are always very concerned about the well-being of their children. Therefore, it is important to choose a pediatrician who provides personalized, quality care. While Mexico City has several competent pediatricians, not all of them provide the same level of care.

When choosing a doctor for children, there are a lot of things to think about. Factors to consider are: the person’s past experience, where they are, whether they are available for an appointment, and how much they charge. In addition, it is essential to take into account the individual tastes of the parents. For example, the pediatrician must possess a specific communication style and approach to child care.

We’ve put together a list of the top 3 pediatricians in Mexico City. Taking into account past circumstances and the different aspects to choose from. Similar to parent reviews and health website assessments. These pediatricians are distinguished by their high standards of conduct, individualized care, and dedication to the well-being of children.

1.- Dr. Victoria Madrigal Basañez

Dr. Victoria Madrigal Basañez

Dr. Victoria Madrigal Basañez, a specialist in pediatrics, attends in Mexico City. She finished her education at the Universidad Anáhuac México and at the Private Children’s Hospital recognized by the UNAM and is committed to the care of children of all ages, offering them excellent care and individualized attention.

Her expertise lies in child development, breastfeeding, infant nutrition, and diseases prevalent in children. Its main objective is to ensure the well-being of parents by providing accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatments for each of the cases.

I provide thorough care and easy-to-understand information to my patients and their families, and I am patient and kind in my dealings. He cares about everyone’s health and safety and is willing to help them with any problem, no matter when or where it happens. Being the primary doctor for many children and their parents makes me proud and I always try to do a good job and be respectful.

Address: Viad. Río Becerra 97, Naples, Benito Juárez

2.- Dr. Ana Idalia Yépez Castillo

Dr. Ana Idalia Yépez Castillo

He finished his medical education at La Salle Victoria University in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. After completing her undergraduate internship at a hospital in Mexico City, she returned to her home state of Tamaulipas to work as a social service volunteer at my university. There he learned to teach medical simulation and basic life support. First aid and advanced care.

The Children’s Hospital of Mexico “Federico Gómez” is where both the Pediatrician and the Pediatric Oncologist were performed. For 80 years, the Cradle of Pediatrics in Latin America and Mexico’s First National Institute of Health have been providing specialized care to Mexican children with the most serious and rare diseases. Approved by the Autonomous University of Mexico.

He has the credentials of the Mexican Council of Pediatrics and the Mexican Council of Oncology. Since June 2022, this person has been part of the Mexican Society of Oncology. Since June 2023, the individual has been part of the Mexican Hemato Group, specifically in the field of pediatric oncology.

Address: Merida 255, Roma Norte, Mexico City.

3.- Dr. Miriam Tenorio Martínez

Dr. Miriam Tenorio Martínez

Specialist in the treatment of newborns graduated from the General Hospital of Mexico (UNAM) and also worked at the National Medical Center 20 de Noviembre (UNAM). She is certified in both Pediatrics and Neonatology by the Mexican Board of Certification in Pediatrics.

Currently is part of the Society Mexican of Pediatrics. How Neonatologist herself Focus in the treatment of recently Born Premature or to time. Que Present some guy of problem of Bless you injury or defect. Offers advice antenatal attention to the Moment of the parturition and until the 28 days and orientation in nursing maternal.

Address: Monterrey 243, Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc

When should you start looking for a pediatrician for your child?

You should start looking about three months before your baby’s due date. Reach out to people you know, such as family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and medical professionals, and ask for their suggestions. After that, visit your health insurance website to check if the doctors you want to see are part of your health insurance plan.

Examine patient reviews and ratings from each pediatrician, but be careful. Just like any other website, other people’s opinions and desires may not match yours.

It is not true that only doctors are responsible for taking care of children. Nurse practitioners and physician associates provide medical care to children and adolescents. They are taught how to administer injections, assess and identify health problems, and prescribe medications, performing many of the tasks that real doctors do.

Difference Between Pediatrician and Family Doctor

Medium shot doctor consulting baby

A large number of doctors specializing in children and adolescents, as well as nurses and other medical staff working in clinics, treat patients from birth to age 17. Pediatric training focuses on providing medical care to people from birth to adulthood. Family doctors have the ability to treat patients of different ages, from children to seniors.

Pediatricians and general practitioners receive the same training, but pediatricians focus on treating children. This allows them to gain a comprehensive understanding of children’s medical needs. Including behavioral problems and proper care of their growing and developing bodies.

What does it mean to be “board certified”?

After finishing their residency, doctors can take tests to become certified in their area of expertise. Such as general pediatrics or a specific pediatric specialty, such as traumatology. These tests are administered by a group of experts in a medical area, such as the AAP, and are not easy to perform successfully.

Interviewing Pediatricians: What Should You Ask?

Side view doctor holding an x-ray..
Top 3 pediatricians in Mexico City

Consider these points when determining whether running a medical practice is right for your family. Create a list of queries to improve the structure of your thoughts.

  • What are your office hours? You should make sure that the hours of operation match your needs.
  • Does the pediatrician work alone or be part of a group? In any case, you must be sure who is the doctor who is going to replace you.
  • Is the pediatrician affiliated with a pediatric hospital? If so, what area is it in?
  • On telephone consultations, what is your position?
  • Is it possible to contact the children’s doctor by email? Is it possible for the practice to have electronic medical records, which make it easier to send medical information about patients? Is it possible for parents to view their child’s test results and medical records online?
  • In the event of a medical crisis, would the child’s doctor see the child, or would the child be directed to an emergency medical service or urgent care center?
  • How many are the fees? Do I need to pay the full amount upfront or can the payments be split?
  • What is the procedure for referring your child to another specialist if he or she needs additional care?
  • Could you provide us with information about the clinic’s immunization policy? Is it mandatory for all patients to receive vaccines according to guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?
  • Will the doctor visit the hospital to check on your baby if he or she is not yet born?

In addition to answering these questions and others, your visit will be an excellent opportunity to observe how the practice works. Is the waiting room clean and kid-friendly? Are office employees considerate and kind to waiting room patients and calls?

Does the pediatrician understand my and my child’s needs?

After your consultation with the doctor and other office staff, do you think you will have a positive working relationship with them? Does the doctor have a kind and understanding attitude and can communicate clearly and politely? Does the doctor have an ability to listen actively? Will you be able to answer their queries? Would it be okay if I asked about another medical professional’s perspective?

Are you willing to discuss important thoughts with the doctor? Can you give me an example of what your doctor’s opinion is about circumcision? What are the different approaches to alternative medicine and techniques? What are the effects of antibiotics and other drugs on the body? Keep in mind that the doctor’s role is to provide care for your child throughout his or her life.

After selecting a doctor, don’t dismiss the details you’ve provided about other doctors. If you change your health insurance, you may need to find a new doctor. You may have to search for a while until you find a doctor you feel comfortable with.

If you choose a doctor before your baby arrives, you will feel more confident about the care your baby will receive. Being aware that you have made a wise decision when selecting a competent doctor will ease your anxiety and give you a sense of empowerment.

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