Top 5 best online stores in Mexico City

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In recent years, Mexico has seen a significant increase in the number of virtual stores. Online stores can offer a secure shopping experience without having to leave your home to do so. Sometimes with better prices, which makes online shopping and selling easier than  transactions in local stores. If you are one of those who prefer to shop from the comfort of your home, we present the best online stores in Mexico City.

The fact that people don’t need to go out and buy things because they can find them online, makes it easier. They can do this from their computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, which contributes to the increase in these types of purchases. E-commerce increased dramatically as a result of the digital transformation brought about by the pandemic. This was demonstrated by the increase of more than seventy percent of digital transactions in Mexico in 2020. This percentage continues to rise and will likely continue to grow in the coming years.

In high seasons such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, among others, many of us try to do our shopping from an online store. Turning the nightmare of buying something into a beautiful experience. In addition, it is an excellent option because it makes it easy to find and buy products quickly, easily, and cheaply.

What are the most popular online stores in Mexico City?

Some of the most popular online stores in Mexico are clothing stores, furniture stores, and stores specializing in outdoor housing. They manage to capture the attention of consumers due to their design features and the facilities they can offer between their physical and virtual stores.

Here is a list of the most well-known online stores in Mexico City that we consider:

1. Amazon


It is one of the most well-known online stores in Mexico and has a larger market share than any other. It was initially established as a bookselling website by Jeff Bezos in 1994. But now it’s a leader in online, mobile, video games, apps, and brick-and-mortar stores.

Approximately 47 fulfillment centers are located in stores in Europe, Asia and the Americas and it has more than 96 million customers. From toys to electronics, sports and cosmetics. Its online store offers 250 million products.


2. Mercado Libre

mercado libre

Another leader in e-commerce. The main rival in Latin America is Mercado Libre, beating Amazon in most of these countries.

Their online store is simple, but it contains enough information so that customers can find what they are looking for without suffering during the process. Their delivery facilities, refund and return policies place them as one of the leaders in Mexico.


3. Walmart


It has more than 11,600 stores worldwide and is one of the largest businesses globally. The online store has a variety of sections, such as apps, electronics, supermarket, etc. Where customers can buy items such as clothing, appliances, and household items, among others.

Virtually their entire website is designed to make you feel like you’re at home. Mexico’s electronic market is expanding rapidly. The lives of Mexicans are speeding up every day, and these platforms make it easier for us to buy groceries, clothes, furniture, and appliances.


4. Shein


In recent years, this company has gained a lot of popularity. It has online stores in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa where customers can buy fashion items. In addition to establishing physical establishments temporarily in some cities around the world.

The online store has an attractive design, a wide selection of clothing and accessories, reasonable prices, and frequent discounts.


5. Liverpool


It is a chain of establishments that sell clothing, shoes, accessories, and leather goods. Lately, it has received significant investments in its virtual portal, as well as in its physical establishments in Mexico.

The design of your online store is attractive and attracts customers. The Liverpool store offers a variety of products, from flower arrangements to cosmetics.

The Mexican market is experiencing strong growth in online shopping and sales. In addition to the companies mentioned above. Due to maintenance and rental costs, an online store can be cheaper than brick-and-mortar stores. Virtual stores have become very popular because they are faster, easier to use, and sometimes have a different catalog than the brand has in the physical store.


What is an online store?

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A virtual store, also known as an online store, is a website intended to sell goods or offer services through e-commerce. One of its main advantages is that this online space allows sellers to showcase their products anywhere and anytime.

Elements and features of an online store

An online store must meet the following objectives:


Unlike physical stores, it is not necessary to acquire a tangible space, with a  solid structure adapted to our needs and those of our customers. An online store can use a shared platform in a “virtual shopping mall.” Or it can be located within your own domain on the internet.

Countries with competitive advantages such as Mexico and Colombia have stood out. Thisis due to the fact that the virtual stores of companies in their regions can reach the entire Latin American market through the Internet.

Store Design

The colors and graphics on the page should be adjusted so that the online store reflects the image that the business wants to reflect. In addition, it is essential that you:

  • Be Responsive
  • Have an attractive design
  • Be simple and intuitive to navigate
  • Have the ability to filter data
  • Have contact information and social media.

Products Description

Before deciding to buy a product, many customers need to know about it.

However, in virtual stores this is not possible, so customers must clarify all their doubts and concerns to be able to buy it safely.

When you decide to include an item in the virtual store, you need to do it in a “friendly” and explicit way. Toincrease the confidence of the potential buyer.

Therefore, you should receive a detailed description of each service or good that is offered. It is essential that its features, multiple photographs, specifications,  and qualities are added to it.

Help Center

If the prospective buyer is not given the necessary information or if they have any concerns, such as in a physical store, they will look for someone to help them and leave if no one is there.

Therefore, it is necessary to add a section to help the customer in their purchase process and prevent them from not completing the operation because they are unsure.

Shopping Cart

It is a software that allows the customer to save the products they want, calculates the final amount and allows the products to be returned to the “shelf”.

Sales are made safely and quickly with an intuitive and attractive shopping cart.

Payment Methods

Secure payment methods must be provided. In addition, it is critical that everyone has access to customer data security and confidentiality policies at any time.

Rating & Reviews

Customers trust the opinion of other buyers more than the seller’s. Therefore, a section for comments, complaints, frequently asked questions and a rating scale from 0 to 5 is very useful.

Main advantages of shopping online

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Exclusive Offers

It is a great advantage to shop online because many brick-and-mortar stores that now have online stores offer exclusive deals on the internet. At prices that are hard to find in a brick-and-mortar establishment.

Home Deliveries

One of the most obvious advantages of shopping online is that what you buy will arrive by mail or parcel directly to your home within a few days. No need to go out or worry about transportation.

Shop New Arrivals

The internet offers a plethora of options, some of which are real novelties in the market. Thanks to the network, all of them can be accessed even before they go on the market. In most cases through special pre-sales exclusive to the Internet.


In terms of availability, another advantage of shopping online is that it doesn’t matter what time of day it does like in physical stores. Online, you can buy what you want, whenever you want, and have it delivered to the comfort of your own home.

Purchasing Security

Perhaps this is the reason why many people don’t choose to shop online. But it’s also the topic where online marketers have invested the most money and importance. Reliable stores have security software in place to ensure that your financial information is never compromised. It’s important to be careful when shopping online.

Competitive Pricing

Another obvious advantage is that prices on the online marketplace are more competitive than in brick-and-mortar stores. Due to internal competition, resulting in better prices for buyers and exclusive deals and discounts.

Possibility of being able to import products

The most powerful advantage is undoubtedly the importation of products at prices that could not be had in the country.


Online stores in Mexico City is increasingly popular, thanks to all the conveniences it provides. Being able to enjoy products or services without leaving home is very attractive for most users. We hope you can enjoy the best electronic stores in Mexico City, thanks to this post.

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