Top 10 Best Laser Hair Removal Clinics in Mexico City

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that uses laser technology to permanently remove unwanted hair from various parts of the body. It is a popular choice among both men and women who desire a smooth and hair-free skin surface. The procedure works by targeting the hair follicle with a laser beam, which is designed to heat up the hair root without causing damage to the surrounding skin.

The laser energy absorbed by the hair follicle causes it to overheat and become destroyed, thereby preventing any future hair growth. This process of laser hair removal can be performed on variousbody parts, including the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini area, and more.

The effectiveness and results of laser hair removal may vary from person to person based on several factors, including the individual’s gender, age, body and skin structure, hair color and thickness, and the type of laser device used. Women may experience more success with laser hair removal compared to men due to differences in hair growth patterns, while factors such as skin color and hair thickness can affect the effectiveness of the procedure.

Top Laser Hair Removal Clinics In Mexico City

1.- Natural Change

Based in Mexico City, Natural Change offers a wide range of laser treatments and plastic surgeries for both the face and body. Their goal is to help patients either regain their youthful appearance or boost their self-confidence by removing scars and blemishes. The clinic’s highly skilled professionals are committed to meeting the needs of each patient and exceed their expectations. By keeping up with the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery. Natural Change provides top-notch medical care from their advanced facility in Mexico City.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the clinic provides a full spectrum of laser treatments. Such as laser lipolysis, facial photorejuvenation, scars and acne treatment, ultra-fractionated CO2 laser, removal of spider veins, tattoos, stretch marks, pigmentary lesions, endovascular treatments, and diode laser hair removal.

2.- Maurice Aceves Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr. Maurice Aceves’ Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Center, located in Cto Brasil, Mexicali, Mexico. Offers laser hair removal as one of its 52 available procedures across two specialties. Currently, the pricing information for laser hair removal at this facility is not publicly available and must be requested. The national average cost for this procedure is around $100. The clinic is staffed by five specialists who are accredited by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

3.- Avanti Derma

Avanti Derma, located in Blvd Kukulcan, Cancun, Mexico. Offers laser hair removal as part of its 35 available procedures across two specialties. Like the previous clinic. The cost for laser hair removal at Avanti Derma is not publicly available and must be requested. With the national average cost being approximately $100. The procedures and treatments at this facility are carried out by a small team of three specialists. Who are not accredited by any recognized institutions.

4.- Labelle


The beauty center, known for its eyebrow and eyelash expertise, offers a range of services including eyelash extensions, eyelash lift, eyebrow lamination, microblading, babylips, laser hair removal, facial waxing and threading, tattoo removal, and wart removal.

5.- Novopiel Laser Hair Removal

Novopiel Depilación Láser

We provide you with the latest and greatest technology for laser hair removal. The only one in the world that has received final FDA approval. so it ensures that all our treatments are safe. More than a million satisfied customers. More than 15 years of service for you. more beauty treatments and always have the latest technology.

6.- City Laser Mx & Body Perfect

City Laser Mx & Body Perfect

Our team was established to provide non-invasive and highly effective solutions for various skin imperfections that not only affect appearance but also cause emotional distress The service is not limited to the scheduled appointment, we offer personalized follow-up until your complete satisfaction.

7.- Juvenalia Brío

Juvenalia Brío

Our goal is to instill self-love in you. We encourage you to discover at Juvenalia Brío a safe environment where you can embrace your authentic self and cultivate a deep connection with your truest self. We understand that the cost of treatment can be a major factor in a patient’s decision. Juvenalia Brío CDMX is dedicated to constantly providing clear and open price information.

8.- Palma Laser & Spa

Palma Laser & Spa

Palma Laser & Spa is a place where you can be pampered, relax, undergo laser treatments and explore a detailed body model. We use specialized equipment, vegan products, and trained staff to develop custom packages that meet each customer’s specific requirements. Palma offers treatments that use the latest high-end technology, ensuring that every visit is distinct and memorable.

9.- Vive Laser

Vive Laser

The treatment plan is tailored to each client’s individual needs. The tattoo removal process is tailored to each individual’s needs and preferences, and we strive to make sure they are comfortable and happy with the procedure. Additionally, we are happy to offer affordable pricing and flexible financing options to ensure that tattoo removal is affordable for everyone. We understand that tattoo removal can be a challenging experience and our goal is to provide our clients with a safe and supportive environment to make an informed decision about having their tattoos removed.



The FDA (FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION) has recognized the CANDELA technology as the only one with this recognition. This is due to the direct impact of light and heat on the follicle, which is then removed. One of the advantages of this product is that it removes trapped hairs and acne that results from shaving, as well as other hair-related skin problems.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an aesthetic medical treatment in which a concentrated beam of light is used. This is commonly referred to as a laser. For the removal of unwanted body hair.

A laser beam emits light that is then absorbed by the pigment (melanin) present in the hair during laser hair removal. Light is transformed into heat, which damages the tubular sacs that produce hair and are located inside the skin, the hair follicles. This damage can hinder or slow hair growth in the future.

While laser hair removal can effectively slow hair growth for extended periods, it is generally not a permanent solution. Achieving initial hair removal using laser treatments may require several visits before requiring maintenance treatments. Laser hair removal is a suitable option for people with fair to medium skin and dark hair, but it can be effective for anyone.

What is it for?

The laser is used to remove unwanted hair. Treatment usually involves application to the arms, legs, upper lip, chin, and bikini line. Unwanted hair treatment can be applied to almost any area except the eyelids or surrounding areas. It is also forbidden to treat skin that has tattoos.

The effectiveness of laser hair removal depends on your skin type and hair color. The principle states that the pigment in the hair, but not the pigment in the skin, should absorb light. The laser should only target the hair follicle and not the skin. Comparing hair color and skin color (dark hair and light skin) leads to better results.

Skin damage is more likely when there is little difference between hair color and skin color, but laser technology has made it possible for people with darker skin to undergo laser hair removal. Colors such as gray, red, blonde, and white have lower light absorption rates than laser hair removal. Laser treatment options for light hair are still being developed.

What about home lasers?

Laser Hair Removal

Based on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considerations. Home laser hair removal devices are devices for aesthetic and not medical use. Therefore, they do not receive the same levels of control as all medical devices or appliances. At present, there have been no long-term, wide-ranging studies on the efficacy and safety of these household devices.

If you plan to use a laser hair removal device at home. You must follow the instructions that come with the device to the letter. This minimizes the risk of injury. These devices can lead to serious eye injuries.


The hairs aren’t going to fall out immediately, but eventually they will in a few days and it may even take weeks. This can make it look like the hair is still growing. Therefore, it is necessary to perform the treatment repeatedly. The growth and loss of body hair occurs simultaneously. The treatments work best when the hair follicle is in the growth stage

The results differ significantly and are not easily predictable. Hair removal usually takes several months and can last for years. Permanent removal is no guarantee for laser hair removal. Hair that grows back is usually softer and lighter in tone. Long-term hair reduction may require the use of maintenance laser treatments.

How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

Before undergoing the procedure, it is of utmost importance to carefully research and verify the credentials of the doctor or technician who will be performing it. This will ensure that you receive safe and effective treatment.

To optimize the results of laser hair removal, it is advisable to avoid plucking, waxing, and electrolysis for six weeks prior to the treatment. This is because the laser targets the hair roots, and these hair removal methods can temporarily remove the roots, making the laser less effective.

What To Expect During Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that aims to reduce unwanted hair growth. Before the treatment, the hair that is to be treated will be trimmed to a length of a few millimeters above the skin’s surface. This allows the laser light to effectively target the hair follicles, resulting in a more effective treatment.

To reduce discomfort during the procedure, a topical numbing medication is typically applied to the skin 20-30 minutes beforehand. The medication helps to numb the skin and reduce the sting associated with laser pulses. The laser equipment will be carefully adjusted to match the color, thickness, and location of the hair being treated as well as the skin color of the patient. This helps to ensure the most effective treatment possible.

Security before everything

To protect both the patient and technician during the procedure, protective eyewear and measures to shield the skin from the laser light will be required. This may include the use of a cooling gel or device. Which helps to prevent any damage to the outer layers of the skin and allow the laser light to penetrate deeper into the skin.

The laser technician will then deliver a pulse of light to the targeted area. Monitoring it for several minutes to assess the best settings and check for any adverse reactions. Depending on the type of laser or light source used, multiple pulses may be necessary to achieve the desired results.

After the procedure, measures such as ice packs, anti-inflammatory creams or lotions. Or cold water may be used to alleviate any discomfort. It is important to follow any aftercare instructions provided by the laser technician to reduce the risk of complications. Follow-up appointments are typically scheduled every four to six weeks until the hair stops growing. With each treatment, the hair growth should become slower and finer, eventually stopping altogether.

Recovery And Risks

Immediately after the procedure, the treated skin area may appear and feel like a sunburn for one or two days. Applying cool compresses and using moisturizing products can provide relief. If the face was treated, it is possible to wear makeup the following day as long as there is no blistering present.

During the next month, the treated hair will begin to fall out. To prevent temporary changes in skin color, it is recommended to use sunscreen for the subsequent month.

Blistering is a rare occurrence, but it may happen more frequently in individuals with darker skin tones. Other potential side effects include swelling, redness, and scarring, although permanent scarring or changes in skin color are very uncommon.

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