Top 3 best IVF and Fertility clinics in Mexico City

IVF and Fertility

IVF and fertility treatments have become increasingly popular in Mexico City as more and more couples struggle with infertility. With a number of reputable clinics offering a range of treatments and services, Mexico City has become a top destination for couples seeking fertility treatments. IVF (in vitro fertilization) is one of the most common fertility treatments offered in Mexico City. This procedure involves retrieving eggs from the ovaries and fertilizing them with sperm in a laboratory setting. The resulting embryos are then transferred to the uterus in the hopes of achieving a successful pregnancy. Other common fertility treatments offered in Mexico City include IUI (intrauterine insemination), where sperm is directly inserted into the uterus, and donor egg/sperm options for couples with fertility issues.

Why People Choose Mexico City for IVF and Fertility Treatment

Mexican fertility clinics offer high-quality care and treatment, with many clinics employing experienced and specialized fertility doctors and staff. Treatment plans are tailored to the individual needs of each patient, with a focus on providing personalized care and support throughout the fertility journey.

Cost of IVF and Fertility procedure in Mexico City:

The cost of IVF and other fertility procedures in Mexico City can vary depending on the clinic and the specific treatment plan. However, compared to other countries, the cost of fertility treatment in Mexico City is generally more affordable. Some of the common fertility procedures and their costs in Mexico City include:

  • IVF: $3,000 to $10,000 USD per cycle
  • IUI: $800 to $2,500 USD per cycle
  • Donor egg/sperm: $3,000 to $7,000 USD per cycle

Is it safe to travel to Mexico City for IVF or egg freezing?

Mexico City is generally considered safe for medical tourism, including fertility treatments. However, as with any travel, it’s important to take necessary precautions and research the safety and security of the area you plan to visit.

How to choose a fertility clinic in Mexico:

When choosing a fertility clinic in Mexico, it’s important to consider factors such as:

  • Success rates: Look for clinics with high success rates in the treatments you are seeking.
  • Experience and qualifications: Choose a clinic with experienced and qualified fertility doctors and staff.
  • Services and facilities: Look for clinics that offer a range of services and have modern facilities.
  • Reviews and recommendations: Research online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family who have undergone fertility treatments.

Is IVF legal in Mexico City?

Yes, IVF is legal in Mexico City and is regulated by the country’s Ministry of Health. However, the specific regulations and laws surrounding fertility treatments can vary across different states in Mexico

Top 3 best IVF and Fertility clinics in Mexico City

  1. Enlistalo Fertility Clinic

Enlistalo Clnica de Fertilidad México was founded in 2002 with the goal of providing infertile patients with customised care of the highest quality in a comfortable and cutting-edge setting. In the city of Mexico City. Your doctors’ faces will always be familiar at the Fertility Center. We feel that seeing the same doctor at each visit fosters trust, reduces stress, and contributes to treatment effectiveness. Its objective is to provide the most cutting-edge reproductive treatments in a discreet and pleasant setting. Ovulation induction, ultrasound monitoring, intrauterine insemination (IUI), insemination with donor sperm, in vitro fertilisation (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), blast cell transfer, embryo vitrification (freezing), oocyte vitrification (egg freezing), pre-implantation genetic examination (PGD), laser-assisted incubation, and egg donation are among the fertility treatments offered by Enlistalo Clnica. They also treat polycystic ovarian syndrome and miscarriages on a regular basis. The clinic is dedicated to providing the most recent breakthroughs in reproductive medicine to all of its patients on a non-discriminatory basis.

  1. New Hope Fertility Center

The New Hope Fertility Center is a fertility center in Mexico City that helps people realise their child-bearing goals. At New Hope, they provide committed, competent, and individualised therapies using cutting-edge technology to achieve the desired outcome – a baby. The staff understands that each case is unique, and that the journey to get there can be a difficult one, both financially and emotionally. At New Hope Fertility Center, they provide a variety of low-complexity treatment procedures, such as planned Relations, which entail using ultrasound and checking hormone samples to estimate ovulation times and, thus, the optimal times to have intercourse. Intrauterine Insemination (IU) is a treatment that puts sperms into the uterus for women who may have minor endometriosis, no male partner, or ovarian malfunction, and if the male has a low sperm count.

The facility also provides High Complexity therapies such as FIC. If a woman is unable to generate ovules due to age or reproductive health, drugs might be taken to stimulate the production of ovules. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), an assisted reproduction procedure, fertilises the eggs in the laboratory with the couple’s or a donor’s sperm before transporting the fertilised eggs back to the uterus.

The knowledge and experience of New Hope Fertility Clinic have enabled them to successfully complete over 20,000 procedures, making the dream of having a family a reality for so many. They have comprehensive medical, support, and psychology teams that collaborate to make this experience as stress-free as possible and to provide you with the necessary support.

  1. LIV Fertility Center

The LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta is a well-known, world-class fertility centre that prioritises cost, technological skill, proven beneficial outcomes, and the ability to overcome the unique challenges of each case of infertility. Reproduction physicians at Mexico’s leading IVF clinic take a comprehensive approach to addressing a wide range of infertility issues. LIV is transforming the future of reproductive care, led by renowned IVF expert Dr. Edna Amoro. Its renowned fertility team allows deserving intended parents to take a breather. LIV Fertility is a world-class fertility centre dedicated to pioneering innovation in treatments such as IVF Mexico, Egg Donation Mexico, and Gender Selection Mexico employing PGS Mexico (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) and MicroSort technologies. The centre is Mexico’s ONLY licenced MicroSort lab. LIV Fertility Clinic understands the anxiety and frustration that comes with the rising cost of fertility treatment in the United States. Intended parents can have peace of mind knowing that they will receive the most advanced fertility care at a lower cost of IVF Therapy in Mexico at the LIV Fertility Clinic.


Overall, IVF and fertility treatments in Mexico City offer a promising solution for couples struggling with infertility, with high-quality care and treatment at an affordable cost.

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