top 3 best cheese shops in Mexico City

Female staff standing at cheese counter. top 3 best cheese shops in Mexico City

With more than 500 varieties of cheese of excellent taste and quality. Cheese has become a significant part of France’s gastronomic heritage. And it has become an important part of the country’s economy. Some establishments in Mexico City are dedicated to sharing this cheese culture that is produced by hand. Offering a wide variety of cheeses with their origins in France and refined foods. In this article we will be talking about top 3 best cheese shops in Mexico City.

Cheese factories in Mexico City

1.- Galiachef Bistrot

Galiachef Bistrot

Galiachef Bistrot is one of the best places to buy French cheeses in Mexico City. For its incredible French gastronomy and its cozy space. It is one of the most beautiful corners of Rome. You can go to their restaurant first and try some of the dishes they have on their menu. Or you can opt for a wine and cheese tasting before purchasing any of their products from their store.

They are located at: Orizaba 101b, Roma Norte.

Phone: 55 5511 3949.


2.- Sabor y Carácter

Sabor y Carácter

With more than a decade of experience in the creation of unique gastronomic experiences such as personalized tastings, pairing dinners or cheese tables. Sabor y Carácter is a pioneer in the maturation, selection and distribution of cheeses throughout Mexico. Whether you join their Cheese Club to continuously receive a box of some of their cheeses. Or you decide to buy their products from their online store, you will have a spectacular shopping experience. His approach to cheese is deep and with great respect for his origins. making sure you fully understand its history and flavors to ensure the tasting is second to none.

They are located at:

Phone: 55 6272 3088


3.- Bottega Culinaria

Bottega Culinaria

Bottega Culinaria is a paradise of gourmet products with a wide range of cheeses, preserves, sausages, oils, pasta, cold meats, liqueurs, wines, among other products. One of their goals is to provide a completely immersive experience. So it will be a favorite shop not only for those versed in the gastronomic arts. But also for all those curious people who want to know more about good food. We suggest you ask about their French cheeses, which are of the highest quality. And also, discover a little about French gastronomy.

They are located in: Volcán 150, Lomas – Virreyes, Lomas de Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo.

Phone: 55 5162 6310.


How to choose a good cheese?

 Close-up person with cheese arrangement. top 3 best cheese shops in Mexico City

Cheese is a type of dairy product that comes from milk and has a lot of calcium, protein, vitamins, and amino acids. High-quality cheese offers numerous advantages. It has two effects: it stimulates and strengthens our body’s defense system, and it also contains beneficial bacteria that improve our gut health.

With so many different types of cheese, it’s hard to decide which one to choose. To select a quality cheese, we must examine its smell, its origin, its appearance, its taste and what it combines with.


There are a variety of places where you can buy cheese, including large supermarkets, gourmet shops, cheese shops, specialty online stores and so-called cheese houses. However, it’s best to buy cheese from a place where you can be sure that its provenance is from a reliable source and that it has been kept under strict conservation standards.

Condition of the cheese

A good cheese looks nice and can also smell and taste good. The cheese is fresh because it has no cracks and has a smooth texture. Also, make sure the cheese is soft and free of growths such as mildew or mold. Unless it’s a moldy type of cheese like Roquefort or blue cheese. When the outer edge of the cheese is lighter than its inside, it indicates that it is not fully ripe.

If you notice an oily coating on the cheese, it could be because the cheese has been subjected to different temperatures, causing the fats to separate and spoil the cheese. Also, if possible, detect the smell of the cheese, as a smell of rotten milk or ammonia indicates that the cheese is bad or in the process of decomposing.

Also, if possible, try the cheese, which requires a refined flavor. However, the taste of the cheese will vary depending on how long it is aged and what type of milk is used. Goat cheese has a more robust, somewhat acidic flavor, while cow’s cheese is less intense. If the cheese has a strong or unpleasant taste, it means that it is spoiled.

Ingredients & Preparation

Display of an artisanal cheese shop with a variety of cheese types. top 3 best cheese shops in Mexico City

To determine the type of milk used in cheese production, it is recommended to examine the label. Also, if you have a milk-related dietary problem, consider the method of processing the milk—raw or pasteurized—and determine whether animal or vegetable rennet was used.


When buying fresh cheese, the most important thing is to check the expiration date. Make sure the expiration date isn’t close or has already passed.

When choosing a good cheese, you should take into account some specific factors. You should also remember that a good cheese should only contain milk, rennet or dairy cultures, and a little salt.

Types of cheeses and their inclusion in the diet

We are very concerned about including cheeses in a diet so as not to gain weight. However, more recent studies indicate that consuming dairy in the diet is not linked to weight gain; Instead, it seems that dairy can help with a healthier body. As a result, knowing the types of cheeses is essential to make the right choice.

Fresh cheese

The milk is turned into cheese by separating and drying it. This cheese does not need to be aged or stored. Of course, it is essential to keep it in the refrigerator at a temperature of 3 or 4 degrees Celsius. We have a variety of fresh cheeses, including mozzarella, pressed white cheese, ground cheese, cottage cheese, and feta. You can eat these cheeses immediately after they are made. In addition, they are often considered the most nutritious types of cheese.

Matured cheese

Freshness and variety of dairy products in a rustic French delicatessen generated by artificial intelligence

This cheese is made after being processed and needs specific conditions and temperatures to undergo its own transformations. It is distinguished by an intense aroma and an intense flavor.

Some of the most popular aged cheeses are Gouda, Cheddar, Parmesan, Monterey Jack, Emmental, and Edam. These cheeses contain a significant amount of fats that should be taken into account when including them in the diet. Not only to prevent weight gain, but also for other health reasons.

Blue cheese

Blue cheeses, such as Gorgonzola and Roquefort, are distinguished by their high presence of molds, which gives them their distinctive flavor and aroma. In order for molds to proliferate in this type of cheese, a humid environment is necessary.

Creamy cheese

Due to its higher cream and fat content, when compared to fresh cheese. Creamy cheeses such as Philadelphia and Camembert are commonly used as spreads. This type of cheese should be consumed in small amounts or not at all, especially when trying to lose weight.

Processed cheese

Processed cheese is a food that is created by combining two or more melting cheeses. The elimination of flavor-enhancing microorganisms during the treatment of natural cheeses results in a somewhat mild or tasteless taste.

Therefore, to compensate for the lack of flavor, it is common for salt to be added to it. This type of cheese should not be consumed by people with high blood pressure.

Ricotta cheese

Ricotta cheese is produced from cow’s milk and has a solid consistency and a slightly rough feel. This cheese is commonly used in the preparation of desserts, as a component of various dishes and as a filling. Similarly, it is considered a nutritious cheese that you can rely on as a beneficial addition to your shopping list.

Which cheeses are healthiest?

The cheeses that are considered healthier are goat’s or sheep’s cheeses and not cow’s cheeses, as they are more traditional and easier to process. Similarly, stay away from cheeses enriched with ingredients such as truffles, refined oils, and colorings. It is advisable to avoid foods that can be easily spreaded, as they are usually less nutritious and unhealthy.

It is advisable to choose soft cheeses such as queso fresco, mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese or feta cheese as they have a lower saturated fat content. However, it is essential to control the intake of aged cheeses, as they contain too much salt. For those who prefer not to eat cheeses made from animals, you can choose between hand cheese or plain yogurt cheese.

Many people are familiar with cheese as a type of food. A nutritious diet does not require the elimination of cheese. The main idea is that you should choose cheeses that are low in fat and salt.

Various amounts of fat and calories

Some cheeses have more fat and calories than others, and some cheeses have less cholesterol than others, and they also have fewer calories. The cheeses with the most fat and calories are Parmesan and Camembert, and the cheeses with the least cholesterol are mozzarella and cottage cheese, they are also the ones with the least calories. Among the most suggested cheeses for daily consumption are mozzarella, ricotta and fresh cheese, as they have fewer calories, fat and salt. These cheeses retain their natural minerals and vitamins.

Before you buy cheeses, make sure they have a designated origin. Look at how it looks, smells, and tastes to make an informed decision. By examining these indicators, you will be able to determine the quality of the cheese and make an informed decision about which one to select. Finally, always go to the best cheese shops in Mexico City to get the best cheeses in town.


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