Top 3 Breakfast Restaurants in Mexico City

Breakfast Restaurants in Mexico City

Mexico City is known for having a thriving cuisine scene and is the country of Mexico. The city offers a limitless variety of options for foodies, from fast food to fine dining. Look no farther if you’re seeking for a great place to eat breakfast. Here, we’ll examine the finest 3 breakfast restaurants in Mexico City, each of which has a distinctive menu, setting, and aesthetic.

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Factors considered in selecting the Best Breakfast Restaurants

Mexico City has many restaurants, but we focus on the best ones. We look for places with a great menu that values quality over quantity, good service, and a nice setting. We thought about these things when choosing the top breakfast spots in Mexico City:

  • Menu Quality: We searched for restaurants with tasty and top-notch breakfast options. We chose restaurants that use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and creative cooking methods to make one-of-a-kind and tasty dishes.
  • Service: We looked for restaurants with staff who are friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable because good service is important for a good dining experience. We thought about how fast the service is and if the restaurant can handle special requests or dietary restrictions.
  • Ambiance: We also searched for restaurants that have a cozy and welcoming atmosphere because it can greatly affect the dining experience. We looked at things like how the restaurant looks inside, the lighting, and the overall atmosphere. We also checked if they have outdoor seating and if there are any nice views.
  • Value for Money: More so, we looked for breakfast places that are both upscale and offer good value for money. We searched for restaurants that give good quality food and service at a fair price.
  • Reputation: Finally, we looked at how well-known the restaurant is among both locals and tourists. We searched for good restaurants by reading online reviews, asking locals for recommendations, and considering our own experiences.

Top 3 Breakfast Restaurants in Mexico City

Here is a list of our favorite places in Mexico City to enjoy the morning.

  1. Lardo: Mexican-Euro Fusion Brunch

If you’re looking to sample a fusion of Mexican and European cuisine, Lardo is an excellent dining destination. Lardo is an attractive breakfast spot located in Condesa that provides a warm and energetic atmosphere, especially on sunny days. This awesome breakfast spot provides distinct variations of traditional dishes like chilaquiles verdes with burrata cheese and Croque Monsieur Sandwiches. The menu at Lardo is comprehensive and can cater to different dietary needs. This restaurant offers choices that cater to vegan or gluten-free dietary restrictions. The cuisine is prepared using a wood-burning stove and the serving sizes are modest, ideal if you indulged in excess eating the previous evening. There are various options available for you to select from, including egg-based meals, sandwiches, and juices that are freshly squeezed.

Lardo possesses a contemporary ambiance with a hint of traditional allure. The eatery appears pleasant with its brick walls, wooden tables, and suspended flora. The ambiance is warm and inviting. The personnel is friendly and efficient, and the prices are reasonable for the quality of the cuisine and attention.

  1. El Cardenal: Traditional Mexican

El Cardenal is a well-known breakfast destination in Mexico City that offers contemporary versions of classic Mexican dishes. The brunch eatery offers a wide-ranging menu that encompasses egg-based meals, classic chilaquiles, sweet baked goods, and hot cocoa. Escamoles is a traditional Mexican dish served at El Cardenal that is made from ant larvae. El Cardenal is a restaurant chain with four locations in Mexico City. It is recommended that you visit the restaurant closest to your hotel.

El Cardenal has a vibrant and dynamic ambiance, with a bustling and active atmosphere. The decoration is classic and sophisticated, featuring exquisite wooden furnishings and animated paintings embellishing the walls. The quality of service is commendable, however, the eatery tends to become congested, hence one should anticipate a delay in securing a table.

  1. Zanaya: Upscale Breakfast and Brunch


To indulge in a lavish morning meal, visit Zanaya, a high-end breakfast and brunch destination situated in the Four Seasons Hotel. Zanaya is a restaurant that specializes in seafood, particularly their well-known octopus dish. They also provide a diverse range of breakfast choices, such as steak plates and vegetarian options. The eatery has a beautiful interior design, featuring an outdoor garden dining space that establishes a serene and calming atmosphere. The service at Zanaya is excellent, with amiable and observant personnel attending to all your requirements. Although the prices are relatively high, the quality of both the food and service justifies the cost. Zanaya is an ideal location for a sophisticated breakfast experience in Mexico City.

Price of food in the top Breakfast Restaurants in Mexico City

The cost of food at the best breakfast eateries in Mexico City fluctuates based on the specific restaurant and the particular meal selected. This is a summary of the cost range for every restaurant discussed in the blog post:

  1. Lardo: Mexican-Euro Fusion Brunch- Price range: $$ (moderate)

The breakfast dishes at Lardo are affordable, with prices ranging from 120 to 180 Mexican pesos, which is approximately $6 to $9 USD. The eatery provides some pricier options like the Croque Monsieur sandwich, which has a price tag of approximately 220 Mexican pesos (equivalent to $11 USD).

  1. El Cardenal: Traditional Mexican-Price range: $$ (moderate)

El Cardenal’s prices are quite affordable, with the majority of their dishes costing between 120 to 200 Mexican pesos, which is approximately $6 to $10 USD. Certain distinct dishes offered by the restaurant, like their Escamoles meal created from ant larvae, may be pricier, amounting to approximately 300 Mexican pesos, which is equivalent to $15 USD.

  1. Zanaya: Upscale Breakfast and Brunch-Price range: $$$$ (expensive)

Zanaya is the most high-end among the three restaurants, and their prices are expensive because of their luxurious atmosphere and top-notch food. The cost of breakfast dishes at this place varies from 250 to 500 Mexican pesos, which is approximately equal to $12 to $25 USD. Additionally, some of their seafood specialties are even more expensive.

It is important to note that the prices may vary depending on the time of day, day of the week, or season. Additionally, the expense may vary depending on the specific dish you choose, as some choices may be more expensive than others.


In conclusion, Mexico City is a great place to visit for individuals who enjoy delicious cuisine. The top three breakfast restaurants mentioned in this article offer exceptional and tasty meal choices. If you’re searching for a spot to dine, these eateries provide a range of choices such as Mexican-European fusion fare, classic Mexican meals, and high-end brunch. Make sure to check out one of these superb breakfast spots during your next visit to Mexico City.

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