Top 3 best places for baklava in Mexico City

baklava in Mexico City

Do you enjoy mouthwatering sweets that transport your taste buds on a magical adventure? If so, your trip to Mexico City wouldn’t be complete without trying some delicious baklava. Middle Eastern baklava is a delicious dessert made of layers of flaky pastry, chopped nuts, and a sweet honey-like syrup. Here, we’ll take you on a tour of Mexico City’s finest baklava, stopping at the three spots we think are the greatest. Prepare yourself for a delicious adventure that will leave you wanting more!

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Top 3 best places for baklava in Mexico City 

Balkan Grill 


Balkan Grill, located in the middle of the action, is a culinary paradise. This restaurant is a hidden gem for gourmands thanks to its extensive menu, which features delicious burgers, hearty laing, crisp salads, and a wide selection of mouthwatering desserts. The exquisite baklava and gelato at Balkan Grill are not to be missed on any gourmet adventure. Phyllo dough is layered and generously filled with a sweet mixture of almonds and honey to make the Middle Eastern dessert baklava. The combination of textures and flavors in each bite is lovely, and the aftertaste is sweet. 

Balkan Grill’s gelato, a silky and creamy frozen delight available in a selection of enticing flavors, is the perfect complement to the baklava. The gelato, which comes in both traditional flavors and more experimental ones, is a great way to cool down after a hearty lunch. 

Balkan Grill offers a well crafted beverage selection to go along with the restaurant’s delicious meals. In the cooler months, relax with a glass of mulled wine or appreciate the robust aromas of rakia, a traditional Balkan fruit brandy. The restaurant serves a variety of premium beers for those who like something more traditional. Have a cup of excellent coffee instead, or try some agua fresca for a change. Balkan Grill is well-known not only for its delicious food but also for its excellent service and warm atmosphere. The staff’s genuine kindness and concern for its guests is palpable. The beautiful decor and quiet atmosphere make for an ideal environment in which diners can take their time and enjoy every bite of their meal. 

Loretta Chic Bistrot 

You may satisfy your craving for Mediterranean food at Loretta Chic Bistrot in Ciudad López Mateos. The restaurant has a modern interior design that includes a wine cellar and a terrace with plants, creating a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. The prices are fair considering the exceptional quality of the food, and the service is second to none. 

Items like braised beef shoulder, rump steak, and falafel with steak tartare may be found on the menu. The chocolate bomb served with olive oil ice cream and sea salt is out of this world, and the tagliatelle with chingalle ragu is a must-eat. Options of roasted veggies suitable for vegetarians are available. The bar serves a wide variety of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, including a rose prosecco that is priced competitively. Both residents and visitors rave about the exquisite cuisine at Loretta Chic Bistrot. This cozy restaurant is ideal for a date or a gathering of close friends. Make an appointment for valet parking service in advance. The warm rosemary bread with olive oil, the lemon ravioli, and the mixed berry salad are not to be missed. You should absolutely check out Loretta Chic Bistrot. 

Al Andalus 

Al Andalus, with its idyllic setting among Talavera’s colorful scenery and tantalizing Lebanese and Arabic fare, is a popular tourist destination. Visitors to the Museo de Sitio Talavera will be delighted to discover this restaurant, a hidden gem that provides a welcome break from the museum’s extensive grounds and offers a culinary adventure that is sure to leave a lasting impact. 

Al Andalus extends a tempting invitation to people who have never experienced the exotic flavors of Lebanese and Arabic cuisines to explore a new world of flavor. The menu features a wide variety of tasty options, catering to a wide range of diners’ preferences. 

Baklava, a classic Middle Eastern dessert, is a must-try at Al Andalus. Its layers of flaky pastry, almonds, and honey attract dessert lovers everywhere. Customers rave about the baklava at Al Andalus because of how expertly it combines sugar and nuts. 

In addition to its delicious food, Al Andalus is proud to provide a setting that encourages unwinding and having fun. The restaurant makes an effort to accommodate each diner’s preferences by providing both inside and outdoor dining. 

Al Andalus has a wonderful assortment of drinks to go with their amazing menu. The coffee dessert’s enticing aroma and deep tastes make it a great option for capping off a satisfying meal. The cordial, mint lemonade, and lassi are all wonderful choices that will bring a welcome burst of coolness to your meal. 

Al Andalus is well-known not only for its delicious food but also for the excellent service it provides. Because of the owners’ genuine kindness, patrons always have a pleasant and relaxing time at their restaurant. Locals and travelers alike frequent Al Andalus because of the reasonable prices offered there. One of the restaurant’s many appealing features is the fact that it is committed to giving high-quality service without charging exorbitant prices.

What is Baklava? 

Let’s get this party started by figuring out what baklava is. Baklava, a Middle Eastern dessert that has gained worldwide popularity, is a delectable treat. Thin sheets of buttery phyllo dough are layered with a variety of chopped nuts (often pistachios, walnuts, and almonds). When baked properly, the buttery coating on each layer turns into a delicious flakiness. Last but not least, the baklava is doused with a delectable syrup prepared from honey, sugar, and a splash of lemon juice. 

The Allure of Baklava in Mexico City 

While Mexican food is known for its robust flavors, it also welcomes international treats with open arms. The people have come to love baklava, and it has quickly become a popular delicacy that is synonymous with decadence. Many have fallen in love with its sweet taste because of the unique and delightful combination of textures and flavors it offers. 

Why Baklava is Irresistible to Many 

Why do so many people find baklava hard to resist? It’s not simply the delicious aromas, smooth textures, and fond memories it brings back. Those golden, shimmering layers instantly bring to mind joyous celebrations with loved ones. Baklava is more than just a sweet treat; it’s a symbol of celebration and community that draws people closer together. 

Pairing Baklava with the Perfect Beverage 

Knowing how to combine beverages with baklava will significantly improve your eating experience. The appropriate beverage can elevate the already delicious baklava to a whole new level. Baklava’s sugariness is well complemented by the bitterness of Turkish coffee or the coolness of mint tea, resulting in a symphony of tastes that dance on the tongue. 

Tips for Finding the Best Baklava in Town 

Finding the greatest baklava in Mexico City can be a challenge, but armed with a few insider recommendations, the process can go much more smoothly. Look for restaurants that have earned a reputation for employing only the best ingredients and time-honored techniques. If you’re looking for the best baklava in town, I recommend consulting online evaluations written by other baklava lovers. 

Parting Words 

As we wrap up our baklava tour, we hope you’ll be motivated to visit the three best baklava shops in Mexico City. These idyllic enclaves provide a one-of-a-kind adventure, where history, culture, and cuisine come together to create a delectable delicacy that will leave you spellbound. Keep in mind that baklava is much more than a sweet; it is an experience that brings people together through the common bond of delicious food. 

FAQs about Baklava in Mexico City 

Is baklava suitable for vegans?  

Because of its traditional ingredients—butter and honey—traditional baklava is not suitable for vegans. However, you can find vegan options at some bakeries that are manufactured with plant-based ingredients. 

Can I make baklava ahead of time and eat it later?  

Absolutely! Keep your baklava delicious and fresh for up to a week by storing it at room temperature in an airtight container. 

Is there a baklava substitute that doesn’t include gluten?  

Gluten-free baklava is available, often produced with gluten-free phyllo dough, at a small number of Mexico City’s speciality bakeries. 

Can I get baklava delivered if I place an order online?  

Certainly! Delicious baklava may now be ordered online and delivered straight to your door from a variety of bakeries.

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