Top 3 best places to go as a couple in Mexico City

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Mexico City is one of the best cities for love to flourish. Whether you’re exploring the old or new streets of the city with your significant other, or just visiting some historical sites that are sure to make you feel like you could be transported to a romantic movie. There are numerous places in Mexico City that couples should consider visiting, and we have selected the 3 best places to go as a couple in Mexico City. We hope you enjoy these suggestions for a memorable romantic date.

Planning a romantic outing with your partner can be overwhelming and unsettling when you’re not sure how to spend the day or plan multiple activities. We understand this sentiment. So, if you’re looking to celebrate your love story with your partner. We will tell you about the places to go as a couple, to take a romantic getaway. And to be able to spend a magical and different day next to that special person who is by your side.

Here are our top places to go as a couple in Mexico City

The 3 best places to go as a couple in Mexico City

Chapultepec Forest, ideal for nature lovers

aerial view of Chapultepec Forest

In this forest you can enjoy nature on the shore of the lake. Ducks and fish can be fed in the surrounding area. Another point in its favor is that there are really spectacular sunsets. Thanks to these factors, the Chapultepec Forest is one of the most romantic places  in Mexico City.

Enjoying the lush greenery while enjoying an ice cream or ending the day with a delicious meal at one of the nearby restaurants is perfect. It is vitally important to plan your visit to Bosque de Chapultepec, since it has a variety of activities that you can enjoy with your partner.

It is the largest forest in the Western Hemisphere with an area of 810 ha. Divided into four areas and showcases some of Mexico’s most important historical and cultural tourist attractions, such as the National Museum of Anthropology. The area consists of three artificial lakes and a multitude of fountains. For both residents of the capital and tourists, it is a popular destination.

The forest has been recognized since its occupation as an archaeological site and contains numerous historical remains. Since 2001, nearly 4,000 archaeological artifacts have been identified on Mexico’s tentative list of potential world heritage sites.

Alameda Central, one of the oldest parks in the Americas

panoramic of Alameda Central

This park is among the oldest in the Americas and is also one of the most emblematic places to go as a couple in Mexico City. The park’s corridors are open so you can stroll, chat on the benches and enjoy its gardens and green spaces. Truly noteworthy is the impressive Hemiciclo de Juárez and the fountains and monuments that adorn this splendid place.

From this point you can see the magnificent façades of the Palace of Fine Arts and the various museums that surround it. Being able to explore Alameda Central with your loved one isn’t just a romantic treat. It’s also an amazing way to fully appreciate the history of the city and its vibrant downtown.

The oldest public garden in Mexico and America is the Alameda Central, a public park located in the Historic Center of Mexico City. His inspiration came from the public garden, the oldest in Spain and Europe, created by the Alameda de Hércules in Seville (dated 1574). Urban gardens were established throughout Spain by different architects, including Écija (Seville) in 1578 and the Alameda de los Descalzos in Lima in 1611.

The avenue has been in the urban center of Mexico City for 400 years. Although the foundation had humble beginnings when the structure of the city was recently defined, Viceroy Luis de Velasco understood that providing a livable and pleasant environment for its residents meant creating atmosphere and enjoyment for those who shared their cultural differences. This became an ideal place for these people to gather and celebrate their uniqueness.

Hidalgo Garden, historic center of Coyoacán

panoramic of Hidalgo Garden

The Hidalgo Garden in Coyoacán is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable places to go as a couple in Mexico City. This municipality is among the most important historically, culturally and touristically important in the city. Surrounded by colonial architecture and hidden cobblestone streets, the garden is a beautiful oasis of trees. Within walking distance of the park, you can find several romantic cafes and restaurants serving delicious options for lunch or dinner. The area is also known for its cozy interior.

In and around the Hidalgo Garden, you can find quiet places to sit and talk, or places with dancing and music if you prefer something more lively. You will be able to find a suitable plan with your partner in the Hidalgo garden, regardless of what you prefer.

A public park, Parque Hidalgo is located in the historic center of Pachuca de Soto, State of Mexico. It is the oldest and most important park in the city, it has a paved area of 600 meters long, green spaces, playing fields, ice cream parlors, water fountains with historical and historical significance, monuments and busts around it, an ancient fountain located in its center, and sundials. In addition, this park is of great cultural significance.

The facility has a multi-sports court for basketball, soccer and volleyball, viewpoints and supervised play areas for children. At the beginning of October, the headquarters of the San Francisco Traditional Fair will be installed.

The Importance of Spending Time as a Couple

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At some point you have wondered what to do to improve your relationship with your partner. Like rekindling the flame of passion that burned fervently in the first months of the relationship. This is one of the most frequent doubts and uncertainties among couples. And the answer is very simple, you should only spend quality time with your partner!

We try to share or match with someone we have feelings for when we meet them. And we don’t want to be isolated by a new experience. With the gradual formalization of our relationship, we unwittingly ignore the bond between us and the other. Often taking comfort in the fact that they feel loved by us without questioning whether progress has been made.

The importance of dedicating quality time to your partner is crucial, as it fosters a strong bond and makes both of you feel content. Quality time comes from attention, which is the spark that ignites passion with the full presence of both parties.

Have you ever seen a couple of people in love at a restaurant? A couple who really show how much they enjoy being with each other. That’s because they both find themselves physically and emotionally dumb in place. They have effective and genuine communication, caressing each other, maintaining eye contact while spending quality time.

Although you may also have seen couples that represent the complete opposite of what was described above. Each one is on their cell phone, answering calls, writing texts and with emotional distance. Although they are physically in the restaurant, they are emotionally absent. They don’t have a pleasant conversation, they don’t have interaction with each other’s gazes, in short, everyone is in their own world.

Two sides of the coin: time as a couple and time alone

Happy couple together in the park

Despite the belief that having personal space is crucial to having healthy, long-lasting relationships. We can still receive messages that can lead us to feel isolated and even disconnected. Sometimes couples find it difficult to focus on their own affairs and always seek help from friends who can stave off boredom or avoid disagreements. These cases usually indicate more pronounced obstacles in forming an emotional closeness in your relationship, and this can significantly affect your cohabitation.

Something that may seem unbelievable, but it is part of a strong and stable relationship. It’s having the ability to be apart, but also being able to spend quality time together. It’s not the same to go for a walk or go to the movies to see one of your favorite movies. To go on a trip to a different place that takes them out of their daily routine. And the environment they are used to. Something that can be hard to understand or believe is that couples also fall into comfort zones. And that when there is something that takes them out of that zone, they can feel disoriented. To the point that they may not know their partner.

The key is to spend time together

Sharing time as a couple fosters intimacy, emotional closeness. And personal growth as you can connect and solve complex situations together. Although we may find faults such as daily chores, studying. And family obligations, we still have many other reasons to give in. We need to make time in our day to bond and nurture our relationship.

Find activities to do as a couple

We all have different tastes, but when our partner shares our interests we feel important and special. That’s how things work when we worry about what our partner wants. Identify activities that bring you together, such as a concert, exercise, travel or sightseeing experience. And even an overnight stay at a motel. When doing something really fun, it’s important to respect our preferences. And not feel obligated to do something we don’t want to do.

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