Top 3 best ice cream parlors in Mexico City

Beauty girl in fashionable dress eating strawberry, standing in ice cream shop. Top 3 best ice cream parlors in Mexico City

Ice cream is a way of life. A straw or snow to soothe the heat. Or a super creamy chocolate ice cream for the cold or rain. And in Mexico City, we have more and more delicious options. There is a wide range of ice cream parlors, from the most traditional to those that have adopted the Italian gelato technique. The ones that make ice cream and just looking at them, you want to devour them. They add their peg or allow you to get stuck as much as you want with the variety of toppings available. Get to know the best ice cream parlors in Mexico City.

It’s time to refresh your palate with a sweet and delicious dessert. We provide you with a guide to the best ice cream in Mexico City so you can share them with your loved ones and withstand the heat.

Top of the best ice cream parlours in Mexico City

1.-Joe Gelato

Joe Gelato

Home to one of the best ice creams in the whole city, with natural Mexican ingredients and Italian technique. Chef José Luis Cervantes, known as Joe, attended Gelato University in Italy. An institution dedicated to improving the preparation of sorbets and ice creams. He is always willing to make a recommendation based on your preferences, as he goes to the location himself.

We invite you to try the olive oil (already traditional in the region) and the cocoa flavors, which are the flavors that are always available, fortunately! The flavors change every four days, so if you like to try new flavors, you’ll enjoy this ice cream shop in Mexico City.

Location: Versalles 78, Juárez.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 19:00.

Payment methods: cash and card.

-Accessibility: Yes.

Pets allowed: Yes.

2.- Ice Cream Comet

Ice Cream Comet

French recipes with Mexican products with seasonal and organic ingredients. Everything is done at home. We dare to say that the cones of Helados Cometa are one of the most delicious in the city. If you’re serious, ask for a cone instead of a drink.

Get ready to indulge in an extremely creamy ice cream. Which include coffee, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry green tea and caramel. Try the Jamaican Water Ginger Sorbet, ideal for hot weather. Of course, flavors change and change depending on the availability of ingredients in the season. One of Mexico City’s most cherished ice cream parlors.

Lieu : Colima 162, Roma Norte.

Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday from 12:00 to 19:00 and Thursday to Sunday from 12:00 to 20:00.

Payment methods: cash and cards.

– Accessibility: Yes

Pets allowed: yes.

3.- Dr. Creamsky

Dr. Creamsky

It is a laboratory where ice cream is currently produced with liquid nitrogen. Although it offers goose, matcha, pistachio, and other ice creams made with natural ingredients. Its range of cocktail ice creams stands out. There’s carajillos de leche, but there’s also whiskey, eggnog, baileys, and amaretto liqueur. There are michelada sorbets, margarita, tinto de verano, gin and tonic, mezcal and aperol spritz for those who prefer water-based drinks.

Lieu : Cratère 823, Jardines del Pedregal.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Payment methods: cash, all credit and debit cards

– Accessibility: Yes

Pets allowed: no

The Origin of Ice Cream and Other Curiosities

Ice cream is no longer just a seasonal product, it has been for a very long time, and we can enjoy its millions of flavors and combinations throughout the year. A very old food with many curiosities that have made it a product with a unique history. Do you know these curiosities about ice cream?

There are countless desserts in the world. But if we want to bet on one of them at a restaurant or an important event, it’s ice cream. For example, serving cream ice cream as the highlight of a good meal or party is a pleasure and a tribute to the palate and very digestive. Did you know that, according to some insiders, ice cream has centuries and centuries of history? Do you know the world’s first ice cream parlour? In which country is ice cream consumed the most? We’ll tell you these and other interesting facts below

What is ice cream?

A bowl of banana split ice cream with banana split and bananas on top. Top 3 best ice cream parlors in Mexico City

In its most basic form, ice cream or ice cream is a frozen food made from dairy products such as milk or cream. Ice cream is a system in which several subsystems work together optimally. It is often sweetened with sugar, honey, or sweeteners. Usually, other ingredients are added, such as cookies, egg yolks, chocolate, nuts, fruit, dulce de leche, and flavorings, additives, and stabilizers.

The ice cream industry around the world is a large global company that is constantly growing and evolving. Ice cream is an extremely complex food. Since the inception of ice cream, science and technology have come a long way. The understanding of the functionality of ingredients has improved both scientifically and technologically.

The Origin of Ice Cream

According to historical records, it is known that ice cream originated at least three thousand years ago and was created in the East. The Chinese made the oldest ice cream by preparing a kind of rice milk paste with snow to preserve it better.

According to the story, Marco Polo introduced ice cream to Italy in the late 13th century after 20 years of traveling to the Orient. And it slowly spread it to the rest of Europe. Although some historians dispute this claim, as ice cream is not mentioned in his writings.

The precursor to ice cream was created by architect, scenographer, and military engineer Bernardo Buontalenti (1531-1608), who worked for the Medici in Florence and added a rich cream to sorbet.

In the 16th century, cryoscopic descent (lowering the freezing point) and the use of potassium nitrate (also known as saltpeter) were discovered, which led to a breakthrough in ice cream making. There’s no doubt that cold management has played an important role in the expansion of ice cream.

Ice cream arrived in North America in the early eighteenth century, where it quickly became popular with the lower classes.

In the 19th century, ice cream cups were first introduced in Paris, while in Italy, the famous “cassattas” and slushies were introduced, and in Vienna, chocolate ice cream and iced coffee were introduced.

The 20th century brought great advancements in the ice cream industry and its distribution in Europe and the United States.

The world’s first glacier

In 1686, Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, a Sicilian, founded the Café Procope in Paris. King Louis XIV went there to congratulate him on his ice cream. A mixture of milk, cream, butter, and eggs was one of his famous recipes. In addition, he offered a sorbet made with chunks of ice, chopped fruit, nuts, and honey, served in a metal cup to keep it cool.

Francesco also created a tool for mixing fruit, sugar and ice, generating what is now known as cream.

Who Invented Stracciatella Ice Cream

Top view of chocolate ice cream with caramel

It is one of the most popular ice creams in the world and it is made with cream. This ice cream was created by Enrico Panattoni in his pastry shop La Marianna in the early 60s. Since then, it has gained a great worldwide reputation.

What are the most consumed ice cream flavors?

More and more ice cream flavors are being created, and there are more and more different, strange, and exotic flavors. But there are three traditional flavors that are still the most consumed and that gave rise to other flavors later : cream, vanilla and chocolate.

In which countries is ice cream the most consumed?

You may be surprised to learn that this is New Zealand. According to data provided by the International Dairy Association, 26.3 litres of ice cream are consumed per person per year in Australia. Almost four times higher than in Spain.

How nutritious is ice cream?

A lot! The white paper on ice cream from the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (SEMFYC) states that ice cream not only contains a high amount of protein, but also amino acids and calcium, which are essential for our body.

What is the most famous Guinness World Record for ice cream?

Norway produced the world’s largest ice cream cone, recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. It was 3.08 meters tall, contained 95.85 kilograms of wafers, 60 kilograms of chocolate coating, 1,080 liters of cream and 40 kilograms of syrup.

The First Ice Cream Machine

The first automatic ice cream maker was patented by American Nancy M. Johnson in 1843. The design of ice cream machines continues to use its foundation.

The First Ice Cream Industry

In the United States, 1851 marked a turning point in the history of ice cream. Milk distributor Jacob Fussell created Baltimore’s first large-scale ice cream industry by offering an affordable product. Jacob made a name for himself by opening ice cream parlors across the country.

Chemical aspects

Air is one of the main ingredients in ice cream, which is one of the achievements of food technology. Ice cream would be like milk snow without air, but with air, it becomes a very complex colloidal system. It consists of a semi-solid foam of air cells surrounded by emulsified fat. And a network of tiny ice crystals contained by a sun-shaped aqueous liquid.

Without a doubt, this is what definitely differentiates an ice cream from an ice cream. The air contained as well as a low temperature, which is about -40 ° Celsius. And the hydrogenated fats turn this delicious frothy liquid into a semi-solid. That by adding stabilizers and flavorings, you get ice cream.

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