Top 10 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Mexico City

Hair transplant clinic

One of the main male concerns in middle age is to suffer from alopecia. But this problem is not exclusive to men. Some women may suffer from it as well. Directly affecting their image, making them look older and neglected. The good news is that there is an effective treatment for this problem. Which you can access in the best hair transplant clinics in Mexico City.

It is very important to always take into account the way in which the hair behaves. If the hair starts to get thinner and falls out easily, there may be a problem. The visit to a specialist will then become necessary. An expert in hair care will be able to diagnose possible alopecia and indicate a hair transplant in Mexico CityThis treatment can only be performed in specific cases of permanent baldness. And it will be the professional who will determine if you are a good candidate or not.

In case you are, then you will find the 10 best hair clinics in Mexico City.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Mexico City

1- Capilclinic

Hair Transplant Clinics


CapilClinic is a chain of hair transplant clinics located in Mexico. They offer a variety of hair regeneration treatments, including FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) procedures. The company has a team of experienced and certified surgeons who use the latest techniques and technologies to provide patients with natural-looking results.

CapilClinic’s facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and offer comfortable and safe environments for patients. The clinics are located in popular tourist destinations in Mexico, making it convenient for patients who are traveling from overseas for their treatment. CapilClinic is known for its affordability, with hair transplant procedures costing significantly less than in other countries. However, the company also offers high-quality services and personalized care to ensure that each patient’s needs and expectations are met.

Overall, CapilClinic is a reputable and reliable choice for those seeking hair transplant treatments in Mexico. With its combination of affordability and quality care, it has become a popular destination for hair restoration.

2- DHI Mexico

Hair Transplant Clinics

Konstantine Giotis opened the first DHI facility in 1970, at a time when there weren’t many clinics that focused on hair restoration. The facility has been dedicated to innovation and excellence ever since it first started operating and continues to do so now. This component contributes to DHI Global Medical Group’s yearly growth.

Its goal is to perform advanced research, offer extensive educational opportunities, and create cutting-edge therapy strategies to transform the area of hair transplants from its inception. The main objective of this clinic is to improve the mental and physical well-being of people who suffer from scalp diseases and hair loss all over the world. Clinics affiliated with the Global Medical Group have received CQC and ISO certifications. Over 150 healthcare experts have graduated from the curriculum and received accreditation since the Group created the hair regeneration academy in 2009.

3- J Hair Clinic

The surgeon is a certified physician who specializes in regenerative medicine, aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, and hair transplants. Dr. J is a well-known cosmetic specialist with over two decades of practice as a doctor.

The Hair Clinic is now Central Florida’s most advanced and cutting-edge hair restoration center because of Dr. J’s tireless efforts. He has used the last ten years honing his skills as a specialist in regenerative medicine and aesthetics and is well-known for his abilities as a teacher, mentor, and educator. With certificates from CMA, ISSCA, and ACCMA, you can be sure that he has the training and expertise necessary to help you choose the best course of therapy.

The Hair Clinic offers the most cutting-edge non-surgical and surgical treatments to people who are experiencing hair loss, promising fantastic results. The highest grade of individualized care and attention is provided by Dr. J to each of his patients. To achieve the finest results, Dr. J. has actively instructed his staff to work together with his clients as a team.

4- Kaloni Hair Restoration

Kaloni Hair Restoration is located in Mexico City. He is a pioneer in the technique and has the best results. The clinic has great experience and prestige, backed by its more than 20000 procedures performed worldwide and by a team of specialists who have international certifications.

During surgery at Kaloni, specialized preparation of the hair follicles is performed. International medical standards are met in this clinic. The service provided is distinguished by the excellent personalized diagnosis they offer to their patients, guaranteeing the best procedure for each person and perfect results that last a lifetime.

5- Hairfix Hair Restoration Clinic

Hair Transplant Clinics in Mexico city

The Hairfix Hair Restoration Clinic is one of the best hair clinics in Mexico City. The level of hair transplant treatment stands out. The team of specialists has extensive experience in direct hair microimplantation. At this point, the density of the beard increases. Eyebrow transplantation is performed to cover scars and sparse areas.

Hairfix offers preventative treatments that promote hair growth and decrease strand loss. The diagnostic assessment does not cost anything.

Hairfix offers customized solutions to meet the needs of each patient. For the development of hair implants, it uses the most advanced technology. It offers both corrective and preventative solutions for hair problems.

6- Hair In 1 Day

The clinic performs hair, beard, and eyebrow transplants. The FUE technique makes the procedure painless and scar-free. Each patient is personally attended to at Hair in 1 Day so that they are satisfied with the results of their hair transplant. If an implant falls out, the clinic will replace it free of charge.

7- DrEO

Their goal is to help you regain your patients’ confidence and self-esteem.

The hair clinic has everything you need to fulfill your dream of having the hair and beard you’ve always wanted.

At the DrEO clinic, the results are assured and they care that they are exactly as the patient wants them, which is why they are pioneers in Mexico in applying the best international techniques through an innovative team that cares about every detail of the treatment.

8- Capilea

Hair Transplant Clinics in Mexico city

Capilea is a complete hair recovery center in Mexico. Their teams are equipped with the latest technology and provide high-quality services.

Each case is studied individually and a complete examination of the patient’s scalp and hair is performed. This way, they can identify the factors that contribute to hair loss or dysfunction and provide the best solution.

They perform hair-in-hair micro-transplants with hair stimulation and mesotherapy

9- Los reyes del injerto

Their goal is to deliver results that exceed expectations. When you choose “Los reyes del injerto”, you get an exceptional hair transformation backed by years of experience and proven success.

The highly skilled and committed medical team works hard to provide you with an experience that not only restores your hair, but also restores your confidence and self-esteem.

Their commitment goes above and beyond what is expected of the clinic. To ensure a successful recovery and an easy transition to your new image, you are provided with personalized post-operative follow-up.

10- Hair in Mexico

Hair Transplant Clinics in Mexico city

Their hair transplant and follow-up services are competitive. State-of-the-art technology can improve the success and efficiency of the procedure. Depending on each patient’s needs and goals, customized hair restoration plans are available. There are qualified and experienced doctors who specialize in hair restoration. The clinic complies with safety protocols and has a clean environment.


What is a hair transplant?

mature man going through a follicular unit extraction process, hair transplant

The hair transplant process involves extracting hair from donor areas where it never falls. Such as the side of the head and the nape of the neck, and graft it to the bald areas of the scalp. Despite losing hair within a few weeks, transplanted hair grows back in 2 to 3 months. Remaining in place for a long period, preserving the color and characteristics of its original area. The findings will be conclusive and lasting for the rest of the patient’s life.

Which are the types of hair transplant?

FUSS Technique ( Follicular unit Strip surgery )

This technique involves cutting a strip of scalp from the donor area. From which the follicular units will be extracted individually, they are subsequently implanted in the recipient area. Generally, the size of the strip that is extracted ranges from 20cm to 25cm in length and from 1cm to 1.5cm in width. This cut leaves a scar.

Currently this type of hair transplant technique is very little used. Because there are other techniques that give better results. Although this technique is the most economical, patients choose other techniques because it leaves a scar. This is a big problem for most people.

FUE Technique ( Follicular unit Extraction ):

To perform hair transplantation with the FUE technique, the surgeon must extract the follicular units from the donor area. With the use of a cylindrical scalpel one by one. Then, micro incisions are made in the recipient area. Where each of the newly extracted follicular units will be implanted. Until the entire area with alopecia is completely covered.

It is a long and detailed process, but with very satisfactory results. There is a possibility that small, whitish scars will remain in the donor area, which will barely be noticeable.

DHI Technique (Direct Hair Implantation )

This technique is a variant of the FUE technique. The difference lies in the tool that is used during the procedure. This is the Choi Implanter or also known as Choi Pen. With this tool, the grafting of the follicular units in the recipient area is facilitated without making prior incisions.

Of the techniques mentioned this is the most expensive. It is mostly recommended for cases where people suffer from localized alopecia. When it is not required to repopulate large areas of the scalp with hair.

Why is this surgery performed?

man with hair loss problem before and after treatment

Hair transplants have the potential to significantly improve the appearance and confidence of bald people. No new hair is created. You can simply transfer your existing hair to the bald areas.

Most people who undergo hair transplant experience male or female pattern baldness with hair loss on the front or top of the scalp . You must have abundant hair on the back or sides of the scalp for transplant to have enough hair follicles for transplant.

In cases of lupus injury or other medical conditions, a hair transplant may be necessary.

Which are the possible risks?

In general, surgeries can present the following risks: infection or excessive bleeding. And in the case of hair transplants, they can have other risks such as: large scars, hair growth that looks unnatural, or expectations of how the person wanted their hair to look are not met.

There is that be healthy for a transplant of hair . Yeah has bad health, the surgery has less probabilities of have success . Consult to his doctor before of undergo to this procedure about the possible risks and options .

What To Consider When Selecting a Hair Transplant Center?

Hair transplants, along with other cosmetic operations, are becoming more and more popular. After all, in the age of Instagram, everyone aspires to appear their best. Finding a reputable hair transplant facility, however, can be challenging. It’s crucial that you make the appropriate decision because it will effect how your appearance following the surgery. Here are tips to help you choose wisely from the hair transplant centers.

Meet The Doctor

A crucial element in the quality of a treatment is the hair transplant surgeon. Is his or her bio available on the website of the hair transplant center? Does the doctor’s website mention or reflect their medical qualifications? Do not bother contacting the clinic if you’re unable to find the surgeon’s information there. Prior to scheduling an appointment and making the effort to go, you have the entitlement of knowing who you are consulting with.

Learn More About the Hair Restoration Clinic

Never think of getting your operation done in an unregulated institution. A hospital, medical facility, or authorized hair transplant clinic should host the procedure. Do not continue if the venue is dirty or if the surroundings don’t seem safe for any reason. In the United States, where medical processes are strictly regulated, this problem rarely arises. Do not get the procedure, though, if you have a bad impression of the hospital.

Inquire About Consultations

When an individual loses hair, people assume that they need a hair transplant right as fast as possible, but this isn’t necessarily the case. To ensure that a surgery is the best solution, it is important to have a session with a certified medical professional.

Recognize Your Treatment Strategy

In order to achieve outcomes that look natural, planning is a key component of hair transplants. The hair restoration surgeon should go over the surgical strategy with you during your consultation.


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