Top 10 Best Facelift and Necklift Clinics in Mexico City

Facelift and Necklift Clinics

Facelift and Necklift procedures are cosmetic surgeries aimed at combating the signs of aging on the face and neck. As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity and wrinkles start to form, particularly in the face and neck area. A facelift is designed to improve the contours of the face by removing any excess skin and tightening the remaining tissue. The goal is to create a more youthful appearance by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. The procedure is typically performed by a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon who has a deep understanding of the anatomy of the face and neck.

A neck lift, on the other hand, is a specialized procedure that specifically targets the jowl area. Due to aging and gravity, the jowl area can begin to sag and lose its definition. The neck lift procedure involves tightening the muscle and fat tissues under the skin in the jowl area, providing a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.


Top Facelift and Necklift Clinics in Mexico City

Mexico City is home to some of the finest facelift and necklift clinics in the world. Some of them include:

1- Panama Plastic Surgery

Panama Plastic Surgery, located in Cancun, is a leading provider of aesthetic, cosmetic reconstruction and rejuvenation treatments. The clinic is run by highly-experienced and fully-qualified healthcare professionals who are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and patient safety. The head of Panama Plastic Surgery, Dr. Martha Patricia Panama, is a renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeon who specializes in beauty procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and nose surgery. Dr. Panama is certified as a Plastic Surgeon and is a member of the Mexican Association of Plastic Surgery (AMCPER), the International Society of Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). The goal of the clinic is to help patients increase their self-confidence and self-esteem through its aesthetic services.

2- Hospital de la Familia

Hospital de la Familia, located in Mexicali, is another top facelift and necklift clinic in Mexico City. Established in 2003, it offers a comprehensive range of medical and surgical services of the highest quality to meet the needs of the local community, patients from the United States, and international patients. The hospital is staffed by highly-trained professionals who are committed to delivering specialist medical care using the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technologies. Services offered include bariatric surgery, plastic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, sports medicine, endocrinology, and pediatrics. The hospital is equipped with the staff and facilities to handle a wide range of medical and surgical problems, including a 24-hour emergency room.

3- Plastic Surgery Riviera


Plastic Surgery Riviera, under the leadership of Dr. Nain Maldonado Guzman, is another leading facelift and necklift clinic in Mexico City. Dr. Maldonado is a trained and highly qualified plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery specialist who won the Doctoralia award in 2015 for his work. At Plastic Surgery Riviera, Dr. Maldonado offers a full range of cosmetic services, both surgical and non-surgical, taking a holistic approach to patient health and wellness.

Non-surgical services offered include botox, dermabrasion, scar removal, stretch mark removal, laser hair removal, and facial treatments. Plastic surgeries offered include rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, breast surgery, and tummy tucks. In addition to cosmetic services, the clinic also offers gynecological services for women and dental and orthodontic services, including teeth whitening and braces. The clinic also has a range of nutritional supplements and therapeutic massages available to help patients maintain their overall health and wellness.

4- PielClinic

The center with more than 18 years of experience specializes in aesthetic dermatology, hair and skin. Their dermatologists are board-certified, their treatments are done under medical supervision, and they have state-of-the-art technology. The results of the treatments are proven.

Discovery home & Health has selected them as the site of the Ten Years Less program for Latin America. Experts in reconstructive facial change, promoting skin health, care and aesthetics through programs and media.

5- Tennyson

It was created to meet the changing needs of our society for skin health and provide world-class care to patients. This institution focuses on study, research, and scientific progress in the field of cosmetics. Maintaining responsibility and respect in the standards of medical care and personalized care for each of the patients is the mission of its medical and administrative staff.

The great privilege of serving society has been provided to patients by the Tennyson Dermatology Center, which has provided evaluations, treatments and monitoring of the health of the skin, nails and hair since its inception. To perform procedures that respect the dignity and health of patients, they remain at the forefront of the most advanced techniques and technologies worldwide. It is the responsibility of its medical staff to attend continuing education programs and meetings with researchers and medical and pharmaceutical professionals of national and international prestige.

6- Center for Nasal Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery

At the Center for Nasal and Facial Plastic Surgery, all types of nose and face surgeries are performed. We have modern equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of nose problems.

As the best places in the United States and Europe, the Center is dedicated to Nose Surgery and facial rejuvenation from peeling to the most sophisticated surgery. The nose, eyelids, face, and neck.

If possible, the Clinic will become the best provider of nose, face, head, and neck surgery. The best surgical outcome is what the Center is all about.

Most of the surgery they perform is performed in the Clinic’s surgical facilities. When there are doubts about a patient’s health, they are taken to the hospital. The total cost of surgery is the most significant difference between the Hospital and the Clinic.

7- Dr. José Cortés Clinic

Dr. Arregun has extensive experience in Mexico and abroad. Enjoy continuous medical research and updating.

He graduated from the University of Guadalajara with the title of Doctor of Surgery. She completed an internship at the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition. He finished his specialty in General Surgery in Mexico City. He completed a subspecialty in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. After completing a High Specialty Course in Craniofacial Surgery at the Angeles del Pedregal Hospital, he went on to take a High Specialty Course in Facial and Body Aesthetics.

8- Dr. José Daza Clinic

The group of specialists is led by Dr. José Luis Daza Flores. They care about the well-being of their patients. In this clinic you will have the security and confidence you are looking for in the hands of professionals with extensive experience. The best results are assured by them. Each patient has a distinctive trait.

The center’s mission is to fully understand the biological, psychological, and social reasons why patients seek assessment, develop empathy, and provide the best individualized treatment under the highest standards of quality, warmth, professionalism, and confidentiality.

Their patients and the general public receive highly specialized professional guidance from them. Provide you with the best possible service and care when you visit their facility to receive any surgical or non-surgical treatment according to your expectations.

9- Sculpire

With personalized attention and humane treatment to each patient , its goal is to prevent and correct the effects of aging.

Personal and professional success depends on the integration of the concepts of beauty and health into the lives of patients, convinced that a good image and reinforced self-esteem are key. To be a recognized, distinguished and demanding comprehensive aesthetic medicine center that prioritizes elegance, avant-garde and innovation in anti-aging aesthetic procedures.

10- Monica Amor Clinic

They have more than 25 years of experience in image care. State-of-the-art equipment and techniques help them get the desired results


Why Have a Face Lift and Neck Lift in Mexico?

Mexico is a well-known destination for affordable medical and dental services, especially among North Americans and Canadians. It has gained global recognition as a top destination for medical tourism, and its rapid economic growth has allowed for investment in various industries, including healthcare. The result is that some of its medical facilities are now on par with the best in the world.

While cost is a significant draw for those considering neck lift surgery in Mexico, it’s important to note that the country also offers excellent medical expertise, top-notch facilities, and high standards of care. Mexico’s leading medical facilities are aware of this and make sure to have modern medical equipment and board-certified medical staff to meet the needs of international patients. Additionally, many of Mexico’s physicians hold American Board certifications.

What is a Facelift and Necklift?

close up doctor checking smiley patient. Facelift and Necklift Clinics

The surgical procedure aims to rejuvenate the appearance of the entire face and neck. The neck undergoes typical changes such as sagging skin, vertical platysma muscle bands, and excess fat or jowls over time. Non-surgical methods cannot produce the same full effects as a neck lift.

When is it indicated?

This type of operation is recommended for men and women who want a more youthful appearance.  Whose neck skin has degenerated, lost elasticity and started to sag. Patients usually request it from the age of 40. Although it is rarely requested by minors.

What is expected from this intervention?

Seeking rejuvenation, a facelift eliminates double chin and signs of sagging skin. This improvement in physical appearance has a positive impact on self-esteem and helps to identify at the age when people really feel.

How is a Face & Neck Lift performed?

Hidden cuts are made at the back of the ears to a limited extent. A smooth, defined neck is achieved by dissecting the skin, removing fat, tightening the muscles (Platysma), and stretching excess skin. About half of all cases involve a small cut under the chin to tighten the muscle bands.

What type of anesthesia is applied?

Common methods of treatment include general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Due to its superficial nature, the procedure does not require deep anesthesia, resulting in a quick recovery and minimal discomfort after the postoperative period. Local anesthesia is a viable option for Mini Facelifts.

How long does the procedure take?

Face and neck lifts are usually performed from 1 hour and a half to 3 hours.

The patient may choose to stay overnight in the hospital during their first post-operative night depending on the patient’s preferences and the surgeon’s progress. However, you are usually discharged as a patient after a few hours.

How long does the postoperative period last?

close up doctor checking smiley patient

First, it is necessary to differentiate between the immediate postoperative period and the medium-term period of Facelift and Necklift.

The immediate postoperative period is the first three days after the patient’s surgery. A compressive elastic band is placed around the neck. It is necessary to reduce swelling and minimize bruising.

Then, on the fourth day, the elastic band can be removed for a few hours a day until the 10 days of the postoperative period are completed. At this point, the elastic band is permanently removed. It is common for bruising to appear that can last up to 15 days. Although this does not limit people’s social or work visas.

Where are the scars?

It is located at the back of the ears and is completely covered by incisions towards the scalp. It is common to make an incision under the chin in about half of the cases. Special attention will then be paid to ensure their proper development and they are almost non-existent.

At what point do you see the results?

After surgery, the neck can be improved without delay. Once the stitches have been removed and the bruises (bruises) have disappeared, within 15 days, the result can be considered conclusive.

Postoperative lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic drainage has a faster effect on the wound healing process. This can reduce inflammation and make the area feel numb. After several weeks, the neck tenderness may not be completely resolved.

Potential Risk of Facelift And Neck Lift

Facelift and neck lift surgeries are cosmetic procedures that are performed to help improve the appearance of the face and neck. While these surgeries can provide excellent results, it is important to be aware of the following potential risks and complications that can occur.

  • Bleeding: During or after surgery, you may experience some bleeding, which can result in bruising and swelling. This is a common risk of any surgical procedure, and your sur
  • geon will monitor you closely to minimize this risk.
  • Infection: Like any other surgical procedure, facelift and neck lift surgeries come with a risk of infection. Your surgeon will take measures to minimize this risk by using sterile techniques and administering antibiotics, but in some cases, an infection can still occur.
  • Scarring: Scarring is a common risk of facelift and neck lift surgeries. And while most scars will fade over time, some may remain visible. Your surgeon will make incisions in areas that are less noticeable. But you should still be aware that scarring is a potential risk.
  • Nerve damage: There is a risk of nerve damage during facelift and neck lift surgeries. Which can result in changes in skin sensation, muscle weakness, or facial paralysis. Your surgeon will take measures to minimize this risk, but in some cases, nerve damage can still occur.

In Conclusion

It’s important to note that both facelift and necklift procedures require proper care. And maintenance after the surgery to ensure optimal results. This may include follow-up appointments with the surgeon, strict adherence to post-operative instructions. And use of proper skin care products recommended by the surgeon. With the right combination of procedures, skills. And aftercare, a facelift and necklift can help restore a youthful and refreshed appearance. Making patients feel confident and rejuvenated.

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