Top 3 banks in Mexico City

banks in Mexico City

Mexico City is the vibrant and dynamic capital of Mexico, replete with a plethora of captivating sights and sounds. Banks are crucial financial institutions that offer a secure means for individuals to store their funds while also extending loans and other financial services. In the present article, we shall scrutinise three financial institutions situated in Mexico City and acquire further knowledge about their operations. 

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Top 3 banks in Mexico City 

banks in Mexico City


Bancomer is a prominent financial institution in Mexico City, boasting a vast network of more than 1,800 branches throughout the nation. It is a subsidiary of the Spanish banking group BBVA, but it operates independently in Mexico. Bancomer offers an extensive array of financial services encompassing savings and checking accounts, loans, credit cards, insurance, and investment products. One interesting fact about Bancomer is that it sponsors a soccer team called Club América, which is one of the most popular teams in Mexico. BBVA has been a pioneer in the realm of online banking in Mexico, offering Mexican bank account holders with seamless digital banking experiences. 

BBVA Bancomer was bestowed with the title of Best Digital Bank in Mexico by World Finance online magazine in 2017, along with the accolade for the finest mobile banking application. BBVA places sustainability at the forefront of its priorities, implementing various initiatives that strive towards a future that is both environmentally conscious and socially equitable, spanning a range of industry sectors. The bank has partnered with venture capital firm 500 Global on an initiative to identify trends and technologies that could influence the finance sector. The BBVA-500 Intelligence Platform is aimed at fostering partnerships with startup firms, as part of the bank’s strategic objectives. 

HSBC Mexico 

HSBC Mexico, established in 1941, is among the largest banks in Mexico, boasting of billions of dollars in assets and shareholder equity.  The financial institution offers an extensive array of services catering to both individual and corporate accounts. HSBC Mexico operates an extensive network of over 920 branches and 5,500 ATMs throughout the country, effectively serving the needs of the nation’s sizable populace. The range of services offered by the organisation encompasses wealth management, commercial banking, global banking, and retail banking. 

The Stilo Connect Plan is a digital account provided by HSBC Mexico, which is promoted as a user-friendly option that can be established and utilised with ease. The scheme can be initiated entirely through the internet and provides advantages such as a 1% cashback on purchases made through the debit card and customised financial management utilities. 


Santander is a multinational financial institution with a robust foothold in the metropolitan area of Mexico City. The financial institution boasts a network of more than 1,000 branches throughout Mexico, offering an extensive array of financial services such as personal and commercial banking, credit facilities, insurance, and investment vehicles. Santander is renowned for its dedication to social responsibility and endorses various philanthropic endeavours in Mexico, encompassing education, healthcare, and environmental conservation.  

Santander Mexico functions as a subordinate of the prominent Spanish financial institution, Banco Santander. The entity provides a variety of financial offerings such as savings accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, and insurance.  Santander Mexico is renowned for its robust customer service and intuitive digital banking solutions. The financial institution has additionally garnered acknowledgement for its emphasis on sustainability and commitment to social responsibility. 

Things to keep in mind when choosing a bank in Mexico City  

When searching for a bank in Mexico City, it is imperative to consider various factors to ensure that you select the most suitable one for your needs. Below are several factors that should be taken into consideration: 

  • Location and accessibility 

Take into account the geographical placement of the financial institution and assess whether it is conveniently reachable. It is imperative to opt for a financial institution that possesses branches or automated teller machines situated conveniently in regions that you frequently visit. 

  • Fees and charges 

Financial institutions levy varying fees and charges for the provision of their services. It is imperative that you comprehend the charges linked with various account types, transactions, and additional services provided by the bank. Select a financial institution that provides fees and charges that are commensurate with your financial plan. 

  • Products and services 

Please contemplate the spectrum of products and services proffered by the financial institution. Select a financial institution that provides the requisite amenities, including but not limited to checking and savings accounts, credit facilities, investment opportunities, and virtual banking services. 

  • Reputation and customer service 

Assess the bank’s standing and past track record with regards to customer service. Conduct a thorough investigation to obtain feedback and critiques from current and past clients in order to evaluate the bank’s standard of customer service. Choose a financial institution that maintains a favourable reputation in the industry and offers outstanding customer service. 

  • Security and privacy 

Ensure that the financial institution has comprehensive security protocols implemented to safeguard both your funds and personal data. Seek out a financial institution that employs encryption technology, implements secure online banking protocols, and employs additional security measures to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities and identity theft. 

  • Interest rates and rewards 

It is advisable to contemplate the interest rates proffered by financial institutions for savings accounts and alternative investment opportunities. Additionally, it would be prudent to seek out any incentives or supplementary benefits proffered by the financial institution for utilising their amenities or initiating novel accounts. 

Through the consideration of these aforementioned factors, one can aptly select a bank within Mexico City that aligns with their financial requirements and facilitates efficient management of their monetary resources. 

FAQs when selecting Best Banks in Mexico City  

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that can help you choose the best bank in Mexico City: 

What are the largest banks in Mexico City? 

The preeminent financial institutions in Mexico City comprise Bancomer, Banorte, and Santander. 

What are the various account options available for opening at a financial institution in Mexico City? 

Financial institutions located in Mexico City provide a diverse selection of accounts, encompassing checking, savings, and investment options. In addition to their core banking services, certain financial institutions provide supplementary offerings such as credit cards, loans, and insurance products. 

What fees should I expect to pay when opening an account? 

The fees are subject to variation based on the financial institution and the nature of the account that you choose to establish. Some common fees include monthly maintenance fees, ATM fees, and transaction fees. It is imperative that you comprehend the fees linked with various account types prior to initiating one. 

What criteria should I consider when selecting the optimal financial institution to meet my requirements? 

When selecting the optimal bank to meet your requirements, it is essential to take into account various factors such as the bank’s location, fees and charges, range of products and services offered, reputation and customer service, security and privacy measures, as well as interest rates and rewards. 

Is it possible for a non-citizen to establish a banking account in Mexico City? 

Yes, it is possible for foreigners to open a bank account in Mexico City. Nevertheless, the prerequisites may differ based on the financial institution.  

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